June 22, 2008

I did something out of the ordinary

Guess what I did today? Well for part of the day at least. I have dragged out some supplies and I have been a scrappin'!

But now I am stuck. I have room for journaling on the page but not really anything to say. Once I finish the journaling that page will be complete. I may even attempt to start on another but who am I kidding? One page a day is a pretty good completion rate for me. I think once I actually clean up my supplies, I may even crank out a few more pages a day. I spent most of my time today taking all the stuff I have purchased over the last few months out of the original shopping bags. Now I just have to figure out where to put everything.

It felt good being able to do a little something crafty. It does wonders for the soul. It also helps that the family situation I spoke of in my previous post is slowly getting better. Well I think it is. Either way, there is a long road ahead but I am sure it will all be better in the end.

Well, I better get back to scrapping. I came online to see if maybe I had written anything on my blog that would help me with my journaling. Have any of you done that? Used your blog to help you remember?


  1. Glad to hear the family situation seems to be getting better.

    And I defeinitely use my blog to help me remember... particularly when I'm doing end-of-year summing up posts and want to check out what films I've seen!

  2. Yay scrapping! Way to go.

    Oh, I definitely use my blog to remember things... or just to get ideas of pages I need to do.

  3. Yes, I used to use my blog all the time for journaling. I still do from time to time. Great job scrapping.

  4. I give you a Sharing the Love Award. Check out my blog for more details.


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