June 14, 2008

Yearning to escape

Lately I feel just like Cairo in this picture. I feel like I am coming and going and just want to break free.

I have been so tired lately. The few times I have been on the computer at home I find myself drifting off. Even during the day, I find it hard to focus. I had hoped to recharge this weekend but on this Saturday morning, I find myself up super early. Maybe it is because the hopes I had of a crafty weekend have been replaced with the frenzy (in my mind at the moment) of getting ready for visitors. We found out last night that the husband's brother and family are in from Japan and they are coming over this week. I am SO excited to see everyone but just a little stressed that they have decided to come and spend the time at our place. I am sure we will be able to fit everyone into the place, but 10 people, 2 cats and the in-laws dog in one room may be a bit too much. So since there will be a tour of the place there is a bit of decluttering that will be happening this weekend. I need to clear up the bedroom a bit like put away scrap stuff and such, (you know, stuff you don't want little hands to get into) just in case the girls end up hanging out in here. Does anyone out there have any ideas on fun stuff I can have ready for the girls to do in case they get bored?

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  1. just sent you a long e-mail. I just collected a whole bunch of things to do with kids when they are bored. Hopefully it will help.

    as far as the tiredness goes I too have been very tired and falling asleep at the computer as well. Haven't even blogged much.

    Good luck with your visitors

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