June 9, 2008

My brain is full.

Work has filled my brain and by this last weekend I think it had it's fill.

I have been steadily working on my cases at work. I am finally working on the main part of the job, abstracting. The first day went slowly but I picked up steam after that. Each day I managed to work on more cases than the previous day. I know that getting more familiar with the program helps but I wonder if I am doing fabulously with the information I am entering or if I am totally screwing up. I learn something new every day but then I also have more questions each day. Hopefully they will be answered on Wednesday when the gal who is helping me comes in to look over my work. I really do hate having to wait and it bothers me when I have to pass something over. But I really cannot complain since I do have someone that is willing to come over and give me a hand with how to do things.

Today was another full day. I worked on only one case for the better part of the day. This one had all the bells and whistles so there was a lot more information that I had to find. I cannot wait until I am comfortable enough not to have anymore questions. Well at least not that many.

Oh and about the picture. These are the manuals I have to use everyday. I had to carry them back and forth each day of the workshop. They left nice long bruises on my shoulders. I am so glad that they are now at work and I don't have to lug them back and forth. However, I can tell ya that they sure do hurt when I happen to drop them on my head when I am trying to place them on the shelf above my desk.

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