August 14, 2006

Am I late for homeroom?

Today is weird.

Am I back in High School and no one told me?

No one seems to be talking to each other in the office and yet they all say they are not mad at each other. You would think I was back in high school and not in a corporate environment. Seriously. All I did was miss work on Friday and I am so totally out of the loop.

If the rest of the week continues like it is going today, I should have tons of music running thru my head this week. I didn't listen to much last week but what I did end up listening to seems to have been an 80's flashback. Weren't the 80's awesome???? Maybe that is why it feels like I am back in high school? I really do need convert all my albums and cassettes over to CD's though so I have more to listen to. I miss all the old songs.

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  1. Love the music list! I soooo miss 80's music too!

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