August 15, 2006

Well, hello there good looking.

I have talked before in previous posts about my facination with eyes and especially their color.

here and here (check out the blue eyes on this one!!!) Just to share a few.

I don't know what it is with green/hazel/blue eyes on a man but gosh darn it why can't I ever meet someone with eyes like that?

Wait....I take that back. I have. When I was in high school, I went to summer camp and my summer camp boyfriend had black hair and the bluest of the blue eyes. Sigh.

But you know......I think I really like the green/hazel the most. The lighter the better. Oh and if that awesome color changes depending on mood or clothing makes it even better.

There was another guy in high school that had lovely hazel/green eyes. I LOVED taking pictures of him! Hmmmmm I wonder if I should post pictures? I wonder if he would mind?

I always seem to end up with the plain brown-eyed guys. Not that they don't have lovely eyes (B has wonderful brown eyes) but I always wonder why I always end up with the opposite of what I am attracted to?


  1. Hey, there! I had a good friend in college who had one green eye & one brown eye! Didn't notice because he's so good looking...someone had to point it out to me! Duh! Thanks for always visiting my blog!!

  2. I dunno what it is... I (who have blue eyes and (now) dark blonde hair) always really liked brown eyes on a guy, and curly dark hair. My hubby has the dark hair (though presently more unruly than curly) but blue eyes. So much for my dream of sweet dark eyed kids...

  3. My dream is to have a black haired (like B) blue eyed (like me) child.

  4. Ohhhhh my goodness...such eye candy girl ;) Thanks for sharing!

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