August 28, 2006

It just has to get better

I sure do hope this week is much better than last week. This past weekend was not too great.

This is a long one… hold on if you can.

On Saturday, I dropped B off at work and headed off to an appointment. I was early and had planned to stop off and buy a smoothie. Well I did not think the place was open so I kept on driving (yeah they were open – I am so dumb). So since I was hungry and it was early, I decided to stop to get something. I stopped at the drugstore because I figured I could get something to drink and then just look around. I did not have my purse with me, just my ID and debit card. Well I got out of the car and my hands were full with my cell phone and iPod in one hand and my debit card, ID and $20 in the other. I put the money and cards in my back pocket and walked into the store. I was not inside more than 10 minutes when I headed to the cash register. I had found makeup on sale and had my hands full. While at the register, I put my hand in my back pocket to feel for my debit card and the only thing in my pocket was my ID and the $20. I told the lady that I probably would not have enough money to buy what I had and that I think my debit card was outside by my car. Well she took her sweet time ringing me up (she hand entered everything and did not scan) and the total came to $19.96. Whew! So I run outside to my car and there is no debit card. I searched all over my car just in case but did not find it. I went back into the drugstore to see if anyone turned it in. The lady made me wait and then she went to check. No card. No problem. I had my bank number so I called to report it lost. I selected the option for reporting a lost/stolen card and I received a recording asking me for my password. Well since I was never asked for an account number I did not know what they meant.

So I used the bank password for my online account – did not work.

I used my pin – did not work.

I used my account number – did not work.

I just kept getting a recording asking for my password. So I hang up and call again. This time I don’t select anything and just stay on the line thinking I would be transferred. Nope. I just got the same voice asking me for my password. There was no option to get to a person at all! So now I am ticked. My mom just happens to call at that time. I asked her to call and cancel my appointment. She said she would but then said something about not worrying about the card and I totally lost it. Considering that my Dad is still trying to recover from identity theft I could not understand why she would not be more understanding. She kept telling me that I would not be liable for any charges etc. But I could not get her to understand that it was my DEBIT card and not my CREDIT card. I had just deposited B’s paycheck and if that is gone we have no money.

Since I could not get anyone from the bank on the phone, I drove to the branch. There are only 4 in town and I just happened to be near one. There was a really nice lady that helped me out by giving me the 800# to call off the back of her debit card. She could not figure out why the main number was asking for a password.

It took a bit of time but I got everything taken care of. My card was cancelled and no charges had yet shown up. Now I just have to wait a couple of weeks until I get my new card and I have to change all of my online payments this week to something else since my old card # will not work.

So basically that was my weekend. Losing my debit card just put me in a weird mood and I think I am getting sick on top of that. Basically I just have an overwhelming feeling that no one likes me and I just want to hide out in my room.

Maybe last week was sucky because I didn’t get to listen to any music. How much does this chart suck? Not the usual artists either. I must have been in a ‘mood’ or something. Oh yeah…. That is my ENTIRE list from last week – not just the top ten artists. Yeah that sucks!

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  1. I can relate to that sickening feeling you experience when you realize your debit card is gone. There are so many things you have to rearrange right? I left my wallet on top of a gas pump once and when I went back it was gone, of course. It just sucks. Hope tomorrow is better for you! Hang in there.

  2. You had a very upsetting experience. I once left my purse on the side of a road. Long story, but I found it, and nothing was taken.

    Hang in there.

  3. Hang in there sweetie. I like you!

    Hope your week goes better.

  4. what a stinky weekend! :< hope things get better for ya! ;>

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