August 3, 2006


Even though I don’t scrap as often as I like or as fast as I would like, I do consider myself to be a scrapbooker. I hope to one day be less of a collector and actually use all the stuff I buy. I was surprised to see how many layouts I have done so far this year. I don’t know how many I have completed. The picture is just a few of them. I used to count how many pages I would do and even set goals for myself. I stopped doing that. I did not like feeling like I was failing when it came to doing something I enjoy. So now, iScrap when the mood hits me. I just need to figure out how to make that mood stay awhile. :)


  1. Very cool collage of layouts!! Looks like a giant poster!!

  2. Way to go -- very nice mosaic thing too. I just found a program that does that... isn't it fun?

    You do what works for you. I've scrapped a lot more since setting goals for myself, but I also make sure that I don't beat myself up if I don't meet one exactly -- like you said, it has to be something you enjoy!

  3. You've done a lot of layouts I think... but in any case, you do such great quality of work. I understand what you mean, because I'm a list-making goal-setting type of person, and also feel like a failure - perhaps it's the perfectionist thing ---- which can immobilize you if you let it. Keep your eye on the ball and don't get discouraged. By the way, I LOVE your shoes. I looked at that entry on your blog while I was in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago but didn't comment. :) Talk to you on Scrapals.

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