August 29, 2006


So today has only been semi-productive in the work department. I am getting work done but not the work I want (or need) to get done.

I am an Admin of an email box here at work. In the past other people have had access to this box but now only 3 of us are allowed to use it. Every so often, I get evidence that others are using the box. You know like responses to emails that are sent out that I did not send out.
So since talking to the supervisors of these other agents does not work I have submitted a ticket to get everyone but 3 of us removed from this box.

So wouldn’t you know it…..they removed all of MY permissions from the email box. Yeah help desk is not too bright. I have been unable to contact customers all day. I had really wanted to get caught up in this queue too. I keep being told to try again in 45 minutes. Well it has now been 6 hours and still…..nothing.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to do some work. I sure hope so because working on the same thing all day is kind of boring.

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