August 23, 2006

Is it Wednesday already?

It has been a few days since I posted. Boy, where does the time go?

Having only one car right now is taking time away from being online darnit! I have to work the same schedule as B and have to figure out how to make up the time I am missing while driving B to and from work. Hopefully I won’t have to work on Saturday. :(

Yesterday, I got no work done. As soon as I got to work I had to attend a one hour meeting. Then I had a training class from 1-5.

On the scrapping front…..I have not completed anymore pages. I hope maybe tonight I can finish another page or two since I get to leave work earlier today. I hope I don't have shopping withdrawals when Friday night/Saturday rolls around.

On the yarny front……I have been working a bit on my rectangle shrug. It takes me about 15 minutes or so to complete a row so it is slow going. Hopefully I will have it finished by the time colder weather comes. I need to upload a more recent picture to show my progress. I just need to find a way to make stockinette stitch look exciting. LOL!

Hmmmm. I guess I listened to more music than I thought last week. Here are my top ten.

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  1. You can do it! Do pages! No shoppings! ;) Really, though I was reading something that really helped me: a lady who said that she sometimes shops for sb supplies because she gets an easy feeling of accomplishment from it. I totally understand that. So now I try to focus on getting my feeling of accomplishment from actually SCRAPPING! Yay!
    (I hope this doesn't post 8 times...)

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