March 29, 2006

Do I really need PINK shoes?

I finally returned the tennis shoes I bought back in December or January or February (whenever it was I bought them - I can't remember). But as is typical Stefani fashion I waited until the last possible day to return them. The receipt said March 28th and that is when I took them back. Yep. That’s me. Little Ms. Procrastinator. I don’t think I will ever change.

Since I had used a gift certificate to purchase the shoes they did not give me any money back so I HAD to find another pair to purchase while I was there. Do they not make cross-trainers anymore? Has it really been that long since I have been shopping for tennis shoes? I bought running shoes (which is what I had planned) but since I may be joining a gym soon (GASP!) I was thinking that cross-trainers would be good.

I fell in love while looking for tennis shoes. With shoes that is. PINK shoes. I found some pink/silver Nikes that I just needed to bring home with me. I tried them on and they felt oh so nice but sadly…they had to stay at the store.

I found this pair (no pink anywhere on the darn things - but they do have purple) that had a bit more stability. Considering I am famous for tripping over my own feet I need all the stability I can get! So this is what I came home with cause I really don't want to be falling down no matter how cute my shoes are. Well I think the shoes in that picture is what I bought. I cannot remember now. LOL! I guess these are Trail Running Shoes. Go figure. The box did not say this. Interesting stuff you find while searching on the Internet. Plus with these I am not really limited in what I can wear with them. I just hope they fit with my regular socks as I was not prepared to shop for tennis shoes last night and was wearing thinner socks. I have a feeling that the shoes may end up being too small as they were a perfect fit in the store.

SIGH…I sure did LOVE those pink shoes. I am almost tempted to go back and get them as I cannot find them any where online and I bet once they are gone they will not return (I can always buy inserts right?)…..but sadly, I don’t have an extra $50.00 sitting around. Plus does a girl really need two pairs of pink shoes? I mean I already have these. Not completely pink but just enough. Do you likey? I guess it is good to start off slowly in the pink shoe department. I mean I would not want to go overboard and end up with a closet full of shoes I will not wear. I am not used to the colored shoe conspiracy as all my shoes are black!


  1. Funny, I saw a pair of pink and green Chuck hi tops yesterday and almost got them.

  2. I guess Chucks are back.

    I saw some of the usual colors but there are some of the new ones are cool. Pink and Green remind me of summer and watermelon. I may have to go and look for those. :-)

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