March 12, 2006


I got my hair trimmed last Thursday. It is much shorter than I had planned. I got rid of all the icky ends though so I am happy. It was either trim just a tiny bit and still have split ends or chop it off. I did not think that much was cut off until I got home. It is short! It is now just to and a little below my shoulders. Considering it was to my back bra strap that is a lot of hair that is now gone. At least it is now healthy. Now I just need to dye it some super punk color to make up for the shortness.

Today was a nice Sunday. B and I (well B fell asleep so just I) watched The Brothers Grimm (kind of boring) and I knitted away. It is so nice that it is chilly outside because it sure did put me in a knitting mood. I worked quite a bit on my rectangle shrug. One of these days I will finish it for sure. As usual skinny cat had to be right on me when I was knitting. It does not even matter if I am knitting or not. She always has to sit right on me or next to me. See the lavender pillow? That is where I was sitting. I got up to get some tea and looked back at the sofa and there she was. I am so used to it that I did not even notice that she was there.

B and I then went grocery shopping. It has been so long since we have shopped for food (and had money for food) that it was fun to get out and plan on what we will eat this week. Is that silly or what?

Oh and B took the battery for the Devil car in to get checked......diagnosis? The battery is just fine. So now we have to figure out if it is the starter or a fuse. I am still putting all my money on the alternator. That car has been thru more alternators than oil changes.


  1. We totally have to get together so I can see your hair in person but it looks sooooooo good! I like it short!!

  2. It is so short. I just don't know what to do with it.

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