March 6, 2006

Do I really need a title?

Well here I am. I am on the mend. I still have this terrible cough that will just not end but it is not as bad as it was.

Last Thursday, I finally went to the doctor. It appears that I have a serious sinus infection and asthma. Since I am not one that has allergies I was really surprised. But now I have bookoos of drugs to make me feel all better.

Friday, I stayed home. I did some sleeping and that is all I remember. I feel really bad that I did not get to go scrapping with the girls. I sure hope you girls did not have too much fun with out me. I hope you missed me lots and lots!

Saturday, I cannot remember what I did Saturday. Oh yeah. I actually got out of the house on Saturday. We are only down to one car right now. I had to take B to work and then I drove back home where I got to call the mechanic and the tow truck for the Devil Car. Then I went to my nephew’s violin recital. Talk about quick. The entire performance was less than 30 minutes. It took longer to drive and locate a parking space at the University than it did to sit and listen.

Sunday, I slept some more (well the whole day actually) but got really productive in the evening. I even did some cleaning which is a big shocking thing for me to do. I even baked cookies!!!! Go me!

So as I mentioned we are currently down to one car. Devil car is in the garage. This time she decided to take off when B was driving. I am SO glad that I was not driving it this time. I guess she really is not evil. She must just be really bored with being a Nissan and wants to be a race car instead. I guess the accelerator is Super stuck this time around. I am trying not to stress over how much it will cost as right now we have NOTHING to pay to get the car out of the shop.

UPDATE: The cost is $236.00. I don’t have $236.00. :-(

Now if I can just keep from peeing my pants from all this coughing I will be good to go.

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