March 15, 2006

Wednesday Wednesday

Today I had planned to get back on Program and watch what I ate. Want to know how long that lasted? Not even to my first meal. I am such a schmuck. I brought my oatmeal and my diet soda and my Lean Cuisine. I got to work and even before I logged in my co-workers wanted to head to Circle K. No problem. I can do that. So we took a walk to the store and that is where all Hell broke loose. I ended up with a hot dog (nothing on it), a super large diet coke and a couple of candies. Then after kicking myself another co-worker brought me some carrot cake (cause it is another co-workers birthday). This cake is huge! It is 3 layers. Am I eating it? You bet your buns I am eating it. It should take me all day though since I am not a big cake eater. I usually can turn down cake but when said cake has cream cheese frosting I seem to have problems. It is the frosting I love.

Last night I watched the Amazing Race. I so love this show. It is the only reality show that I watch. It looks like we may end up with some characters this season. I still don’t have a favorite to win though although there are a few that are already getting on my nerves. While watching the show I knitted a few rows on my shrug. I think maybe that is why my hand is killing me today.

Today will be my long day. I had B drop me off since it is his day off and we are still down to one car. He will be back at 6:30 pm. I sure do hope I can last that long.

Oh my gosh! Here is a funny. We got a return package from a customer today. She included her receipt. On the receipt were 2 purchases of Clortimazole. I don’t know what the heck this stuff is and neither did the guy that received the package. He tells me “well let’s find out’ and he Googled it. I only had time to quickly scan the first result to know what it was. I have never seen him close a screen so fast and he pushed his chair away from his computer screen like it was on fire. It was the funniest thing and we both could not stop laughing. I have never seen him get so red. Talk about embarrassed. Of course that has not stopped us from joking about it the rest of the morning.

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  1. LOL too much info eh?

    I have been really bad about my eating lately too. What is it that zaps our willpower and turns us into mush? I love cream cheese frosting too. The only reason to eat carrot cake I think. Sigh. We need to behave!

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