March 23, 2006

I like punk and I wear pink

Last night I got my copy of the My Chemical Romance DVD “Life on the Murder Scene” in the mail. Yep. I am a geek. I pre-ordered the thing. B saw the box but did not ask me what it was (that is a good thing as it bugs him that I like this band). I watched one of the disks last night while B was asleep. Well I guess B looked in the box this morning cause the disk was sitting out on the table when I walked downstairs. Of course he asked me why I would buy such a thing. I said "Honey, it is porn." He did not look amused. LOL! I am sure I will hear about it later tonight when he gets home or when I get home. I think he is jealous. I made some comment that included the word ‘cute’ in the past and he has never forgotten it. It is all about the music though. The main guitar player is awesome! I am loving "Desert Song" (it has become a new favorite) and I am glad to finally own a copy of "Bury Me in Black". However, the live songs are definitely NOT work safe (not that I expected them to be) and so my co-workers will have to do without. I am looking forward to the new album that will be made this year.

Speaking of getting home at different times. If you have been reading my blog lately you would know that the Devil car has been out of commission for about 2 weeks now. Finally yesterday B checked out the battery and determined that it needed to be looked at. I called a tow truck to get the car to the garage. Here is where the cool part comes in. B tells me that the tow truck driver fiddled with a few things and now that car is working! I love it! That tow truck driver was awesome! So now we are back to being a 2-car family and I love it!

I am not up to par today and was debating about staying home. I decided that it would be boring to be miserable at home so I came in to work to be miserable with friends (plus I need to update my iPod). See if I did not have my own car to drive I would not have been able to do that. I am so excited about being able to work my own schedule again and not B’s schedule. I am NOT so excited that I will have to drive the Devil car tomorrow and not the nice cool Honda car.

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