March 19, 2006

I feel icky

One of the prescriptions I got when I was sick a couple of weeks ago was Flonase. This was to help with the sinus infection. Since this past year, I have been having tons of sinus headaches I was happy to get the RX thinking it would help. Well…..I really don’t think that it has. In fact, I seem to have had more sinus headaches since I have started using it. Before this prescription, I would get probably one sinus headache a month. Now I have been getting them every weekend and a couple on the weekdays. I have all these plans for my days off (weekend) and each day I have woken up with a sinus headache. Let me tell you I am definitely not in the mood to do anything. I don't want to cook, clean the kitchen, do laundry (which needed to be done weeks ago) or even scrap. It makes me grumpy too and I don’t like that. Since I am taking the Flonase, I am worried to take any other type of medication.

Since I am new to the whole sinus headache thing, I will ask all of you. What helps with your sinus headache? How do you cope?

Hmmm….now this headache seems to be turning into a regular (not sinus headache) as it is spreading all over my head. Ouch! my head hurts.


  1. oh my. I am suffering from one right now. I just took 2 advils and I tell you the only thing that really helps me is to rest which of course I'm not doing so it's just throbing. I get them around my eye normally on one side. I have taken flonaise once. It's a nasal spray, correct? It also helps to elminate any stress. I get them mainly from stress I think. Like today I had some bad news at the doctors office and then when coming home I almost got killed by deer running in front of my car! I need to go relax and lay down. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. I hope you are feeling better now Laura. I hope the news from the doctor is no too too bad. Just so you know, I am thinking of you.

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