March 18, 2006

Where did the time go?

I totally missed posting on St. Patrick's Day. I had planned to post but got so busy with work and then I got to leave work early so Blog writing just was put to the side.

On Friday, we had another "motivational activity" (you know the thing I said I would never do?). Well the activity was to search for shamrocks that were placed all over the building (well around our area). The person with the most shamrocks wins. Well…..I won! I even found the 'special' shamrock so I got both prizes. I won the "Pot of Gold" box of candy and a cute little hopping bunny that I hope will drive the kitties crazy. Don't I look like the happy winner? I saved the candy to open here at home to share with B. I think there are 2 candies left. He actually ate more pieces than I did. I cannot believe he ate my prize!

Today is my nephew's birthday. He turned 14 today. He was home sick so I did not get to see him. I feel so old when I think of him now being 14 and starting high school in the fall. They sure do grow up fast!

I have been on the go all day today. First thing I had to do was drive B to work. Then I met my Mom at the bank to sign some papers. Then it was off to get ready for my cousin's baby shower. It was a really nice shower. I am surprised that I did not take more pictures than I did. At least I do have some that I can scrap.

At the shower, there was only one game that we played. I have heard of it before but never played it myself. You take newborn diapers and melt half a chocolate bar inside. Then you have the guests guess what kind of candy bar it was. There were 7 diapers total. The person that got the most right won a prize. Well….I was that person. I was excited to win but then I found out that I got ALL 7 of them correct and I was the ONLY one to get them all correct! Sheesh! I feel like a pig now. To get all of them right is kind of embarrassing. I don't even know if I should tell B. LOL!

So I guess….So far it has been my lucky weekend. Now I wonder what I will win tomorrow.

My cousin got a little scrapbook and some stickers/papers from her nephew as a gift. I thought that was pretty cool. I hope she will scrap with me now. I think it is funny as my cousin (that bought the gift) says he called the store on Friday night at 10:30 to find out that they were still open so they went shopping. He was just shocked that ladies scrapped until midnight on Friday nights.

After the shower, I stopped by the scrapbook store since it was not even a block away. This is the store where the Scrappay Divas get together and crop. I have not really been impressed with the store lately. That did not stop me from buying $16 worth of paper though. I bought some cardstock and some icky Chatterbox. I say icky because I LOVE Chatterbox but can never figured out how to use it. I even went out of my comfort zone and only bought one sheet of each instead of my normal 2 sheets.

Okay….now a gripe. A gripe about the idiots that work at Sonic. I love Sonic but I don't think I will go there anymore. I stopped to buy a soda. I am used to having to wait at least 15 minutes at this Sonic. It was no different today. Instead of just a soda, I decided since I was hungry that I would get a combo. Now in my experience when you order a combo that means you get a sandwich, a side and a drink. This was the info that was posted on the menu too. I guess no one told the people that actually work at Sonic this. I ordered a #4 combo and told them what I wanted to drink (this after waiting over 5 min). The total the kid told me was a lot less than what was on the menu. So when I got to the window and I asked him, "the price does not sound right. You got my order for a combo right?" He says "yes". I told him the price he quoted me was too little for a sandwich, tater tots and a soda. His answer "you wanted tater tots"? I told him "Don't a combo come with fries?" Hi answer, " Yes but you did not tell me you wanted fries". Now please tell me if I am wrong but if the menu says it comes with fries do I really need to confirm that I want fries? I talked to the manager and he did not get it. They are all idiots. So I did not get any Sonic. I just drove away. I wasted too much time waiting.

Another gripe? Stupid Blogger photo upload. All week I have been trying to upload and it won't work. Today I only got to upload the one photo. So please pretend this post has a pretty picture from the shower and one of the diaper game because Blogger sucks all the fun out of posting (I have tried for 5 hours to post photos - I give up!)

As for tonight, I think we will watch 40-Year-Old Virgin as it FINALLY came from Netflix today. We only had to wait a few months but it is finally here. It better be darn good too!!

So what did you do today?


  1. Which Sonic is this so I know which one to avoid! The one by me isn't bad but its kinda far for you to drive.

    I went to Target and bought some stuff to organize my scrapping supplies, then lay down for a little while, then went to the mall, then went to sit with my grandma while my dad picked up my mom at the airport. I did not however clean my stinky bathroom so its still waiting there patiently for me to clean it.

  2. I had problems with Blogger all weekend too. This morning I was able to load a couple of photos though. Good luck to you!

  3. Amber - It is the Sonic on 1st. I always stop there on the way to CFA when we get together to crop. That is why I am usually late.

    I really need to get to Target and get some of those storage containers you shared on your blog. Those look cool.

    Rachel - I will try to upload some photos today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works. I just don't want to use Picasa as you cannot make the words wrap around the photos. I did some searching online though and found out that I was not the only one having a problem. It is free so I guess I cannot complain too much.

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