March 16, 2006

Thursday Thursday

I sure wish it were Friday Friday.

Today has been a weird day. Got up and rushed to get ready for work. Since I have to drop B off at a certain time we have to leave at a certain time. I CANNOT wait until we are back to 2 cars so I can leave for work when I want. So I dropped him off and then headed myself to my job. I was here about 1 ½ hours when I had my first meeting. That meeting lasted a little over 30 minutes. Not too bad. Then I got to work for 30 minutes until my next meeting. That one last 2 ½ hours! At least lunch was provided and from my favorite sandwich place too so I cannot complain. B got off of work at 3pm so at 2:30 I had to leave to pick him up. Since I have been working B’s schedule and not my schedule I have to make up my missing hours somehow. A lot of my hours are wasted driving back and forth. So I picked up B and drove him to the darn comic book store (oh yay! – yes that is a sarcastic yay!) and then to the store to get him a beer. Then I dropped him off at home and headed back to work where I am right now. Talk about getting nothing done today. I sure hope that the 2 hours or so that I am here tonight I get a bunch of stuff done. Especially since I found out that tomorrow I will be busy with yet another meeting and then doing different work that is for that meeting. Since I am not allowed overtime right now I am trying not to stress about getting behind.

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