December 15, 2004

10 days....

If Santa is good to me this year I will get goodies to learn how to knit.

I want to knit this.

(Click for pattern and cool website)

Of course leave it to me to choose a pattern that is not fit for a beginner so I will have to save this one for when I actually learn how to knit. *Ü* I am now searching the archives for the easy peasy patterns.

All you knitters out there do you have any suggestions on what would be a good starting project?

Today is going very slowly for me. There is not much work to be done in my queues so I am being given escalated callbacks which I do not enjoy doing. Is it mean to say I hope I get an answering machine? The call I was given does not give too much info except to say that the customer called 3 times and is not happy. I hope it is an easy call. I don't think I can procrastinate much longer.

Only 4 more hours and I will be free and starting to enjoy my 4 day weekend!!!!!

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the comments on my blog. Just wanted to let you know I have posted the directions (recipe) for making Eggs & Bacon. Have a great day!

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