December 14, 2004

Whoo hoo!!!

I have completed the tote for my sister-in-law! It feels so good to have one more present completed. While watching EarthSea, I was able to work a little bit on my nieces GameBoy holder but realized I was sewing it wrong. That will teach me to watch a movie until midnight and try to work on a project at the same time. I will try to work on it more tomorrow. I should have all of my in-law gifts completed by this weekend - just in time for me to mail them. It will be weird to mail gifts. I have never had to do that before. Usually I see them before or after the holiday but this year I do not know when it will be. It is sad that my in-laws are not that close. I love my sister-in-law dearly but the last time I saw them was Jan 2, 2004. I hate seeing them only on New Years (if that).

Okay...... it is past midnight I better get my butt to bed.

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