December 19, 2004

6 days....

I found myself to be very busy this past week but just not busy with the right things. I have not finished any Christmas presents and the shopping for the men in the family (except my husband) is not going too well. I bought stuff but I knew B did not really like what I chose (heck neither did I) so I changed who the gifts were going to and I am happy with that but now I am back to needing to buy some more presents. One funny about Christmas shopping for Nephew #2, since he is the oldest boy currently in my brother's house and my brother and sister-in-law have their hands full with all the little ones I wanted to get him a game he could play himself. I got him a mini Simon. I was telling my mom about it and she got a look of shock on her face and asked me what size I got and was I sure. Come to find out she had bought him the big one (which I had planned to get but had changed my mind). My sister-in-law had suggested to my mom that he needed a game he could play himself and that is what she got him. So now, I have to go back to Target to return the one I got. I already have a different game for him so at least I do not have to buy anything new.

I can say that I have at least printed out my Christmas envelopes for my personal cards and my business cards. I have also printed out my Thank You gift certificate I give to my customers so I just need to fill out what I want on the cards and send them off tomorrow. That is one huge task off my mind.

Last night (Saturday), B and I went to my company's Holiday Party. We sat next to a nice couple and had a good time. I did feel however that this year was the most boring. Usually they have entertainment (like a magician etc). This year they had some staff members do a skit about work related stuff. What is sad is that no one knew it was being performed at the time. The lights were still dimmed and no one could hear. It appears that the company is not spending as much on the party as they used to. B and I were kind of bummed when it came to the raffle. There were 3 couples at our table, including us. The other two couples each won a raffle prize but B and I were not so lucky. My friend sitting next to us won a computer. How cool is that? Oh well there is always next year. I find it funny that we have the party all planned out when we go. We check in, get our free photo taken first thing (this is the main reason I like to go) and then we eat. We go home after the last raffle, as you must be present to win. A close friend was selected for the top prize ($2000 travel voucher). He had already left. He will be so bummed tomorrow and I am sure everyone will let him know he missed out on the prize.
Today is cleaning day so I guess I had better get busy. Maybe later tonight I can work on the Christmas Presents.

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