December 7, 2004

18 days....

Last night I decided I better get my butt in gear and pick up all the yarn I needed to make the rest of my Christmas presents. Balls of yarn purchased = zero. As in None, Zip, Nada! Mission failed! Mainly I was looking for purple cotton. There is no purple cotton. I have been looking forever and last night was no exception. I drove to the opposite side of town to look. I may have to try the closer places this weekend. I still could not decide on what to make the babies. Can you believe that the stores I went to (Joann's & Michael's) did not have any magazines/books on crochet? They had the basic pattern books but I wanted something new. I have as yet to find a magazine in this city that has to do with crochet. While I was out driving around B was home making a yummy spaghetti dinner. (Leftovers in fridge for lunch but not sure if they will last that long). Because of my driving I got nothing accomplished in the creative department. But I can say the twins and my youngest niece (that is not a twin) are all taken care of. Each time I have been to Joann's I have seen a cute felt blanket rolled up in a felt bag and at 60% off that is what I got. I don't even know what the blankets look like. How is that for making a decision. I am usually one that rethinks things constantly but this time I just spent the time deciding on colors (oh and a quick phone call to mom) and those blanket sets were mine. So I need to update my Christmas list so I don't feel like too much of a slacker. I did manage to get out of there with Christmas cards but who knows when I will have time to send them out.

This morning my car was frozen. I got out my trusty drivers license and started scraping away. It did not take long and soon I was on my way. Of course dummy me rolls the window down and in this car when the window is wet it stays down. So lucky me got to drive my 30 min to work with the window down. It was cold - thirty degrees is considered cold right? I am sure not as cold as some places but cold enough for my butt. In my office someone likes to play with the thermostat and turn the heaters WAY up. Because of this I have to dress like it is summer and today was no exception. Needless to say my ears are frozen due to my decision to wear a ponytail today.

Today should be another quiet day at work. My entire team is in training. It will just be me and two other people (only one sits next to me). Speaking of work maybe I should get started on it.

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