December 1, 2004

24 days....

Yesterday I worked alone in my group. Everyone else was off. Since I knew I would probably be stressed I decided to not spend my lunch at my desk (which I usually do) and brought my current project to work on during that time. Let me tell you crocheting a project in the very bright light of my office is different than working in my dark living room. Since the living room is the brightest in my house I thought I saw all, how wrong I was. I am working with 100% cotton. That stuff just picks up all kind of lint! I keep all my projects in plastic bags to keep them clean and yet my project looked like I threw it on the floor and hat the cat play with it. Okay maybe not that bad but it was annoying. So between me picking lint off my work and having to spend the entire time to undo a giant tangle I did not get any work done on it. Last night while watching The Best Show Ever! (aka The Amazing Race) I was able to untangle the yarn and start working on it again. I got past the point where I had to undo it the other day however the project I am making is a tote bag and it sure does not look long enough. I have a feeling that once I am done with this project I will find out that it is not written right and will have to end up buying my presents.

It was quite amusing to hear my co-workers while I was working on my project. I was away from my desk and in a corner on a couch. Women are in the minority so all my comments were from the guys. After about the 5th one commenting on my 'knitting' I just started answering with 'yep'. LOL! I don't think they understand the concept of crochet being different. We will have to see what they say today.

On a funnier note.......I have a co-worker that is trying to come up with come on lines to get a date. He has it all mapped out on how he is going to get women to date him while shopping at Target. He is such a hoot! He has me laughing all day and it gets quite dull when he has the day off.

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