December 29, 2004


Today I stayed home from work. I am hoping I feel better tomorrow as I have to go in and cannot miss another day. At least the weekend is almost here. Since I have not been feeling well I pretty much slept most of the day. Why is it when I get tons of sleep I am still sleepy? I feel like my day has been so long when it really has not. I feel so blah.

I worked on updating my template a bit and even though the preview shows a nice patterned background, the actual webpage does not. So I am back to the drawing board. I finally got rid of the icky orange color for my titles though so all is good.

B and I watched a couple of movies tonight that I thought were really cute. We saw Skipping Christmas and Laws of Attraction. I must say I really liked both of them. I tried to work on my sister-in-laws Christmas present (yes I am still not done) but I just could not get into the mood.

Well if anyone wants to help me figure out why my background is not showing or if you can help me change my archive pages to a list of links that actually link to my posts and not blank pages please leave me a comment and help me out.

As for me........I am going back to bed.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. If I figure out the background problem (I have the same on one I am designing for a friend and can't remember how I made mine work ) I'll let you know. The archive info SHOULd be in the blogger help section.
    Don't stress the template too much until you feel better! Get some rest!

  2. Thanks.

    I have tried the steps for setting up the archive page and I am able to have the archives list the way I want but the links do not take me to the actual page. I don't think the blogger info is complete. I will keep trying.

  3. Please help the quake victims here! Thanks!

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