December 27, 2004

Today was good

I started my morning by having to go to training for a couple of hours. It was supposed to take all day and then we were to work a couple of hours on our queues. I am supposed to be working 50 hours this week but I do not see that happening. Training today went very quickly and since I skipped my lunch, I was able to leave work at 3pm instead of my usual 6pm. It was very nice to get out of work while the sun is still out. I am hoping I can do this the rest of the week as well since I have to work on New Years Eve. As for the training, there were not any plans to train us (my group of 4) until much later. Everyone agreed to coming in for the overtime and I thought this was the reason we were being trained early. I found out today that this was not the correct reason. My department has merged with a different department. Because of this, all the employees not making the minimum for this department get an automatic raise. I will not be getting a raise. I already make over the minimum for this department. Out of the 4 of us on my team (myself included), only one will get a raise. The rest of us are already there. Now the raise cannot be put thru until the training is completed. This employee really pushed for the training so he can get the raise before mandatory overtime. So it is purely for selfish reasons why we have to do the training now. One bad outcome is that we now have to take these calls during our busy season where as before we were not going to be taking them. It should not be too bad, as we only need to take calls for our 10 hours of overtime a week. So I can handle about 2.5 – 3 hours a day with no problem. I say that now but I have been off the phone (for inbound calls) for 8 months now. It will be an adjustment I am sure.

For Christmas, my in-laws gave us a check and an advertisement for us to buy a 32-inch TV. B has wanted one for a long time. Me, I really don’t care. LOL! Well he spent the whole day looking for one at the price (amount) his mom gave us. He found a TV but we ended up spending about $100.00 more that we did not have. Then because the TV did not fit in our entertainment center, we had to buy a new TV stand for around another $100.00. I am not too happy about it but what can I do. My Dad and B brought the TV home in my Dad's truck but B and I went to pick up the TV stand at the store warehouse. We were waiting for over 1.5 hours. Finally, the idiots working there realized that our item had been sitting in front of them the majority of the time. Each time B had gone up to ask about them they gave him a different answer. After B wrestled to put it in the car and the 2 of use carried it inside, I take that back …he did most of the carrying and I was the weak one. He spent this evening putting it together and getting the monstrous TV on it. Now we have to get used to this thing. It is too big for me. Instead of looking straight, we have to look up.

Now I am exhausted and it is late and I am still up and I don’t know why. I can be falling asleep but I always force myself to stay up late.

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