December 23, 2004

2 days!!!!

Me panic? No. Never!

Leave it to me to procrastinate. I had it all figured out that I would finish my mother's present (only 3 rows and a flower) and then felt the darn thing and be all done. Well I have run into a problem. The pattern calls for one 50-gram ball of 100% wool yarn. The only wool yarn in the entire store was from Patons. It is kind of a chunky weight. Since the rest of the bag is done in a chunky weight, I thought it would be no problem. I bought one 100-gram ball. This should have been plenty to finish my project. The pattern calls for me to use 2 strands. No problem right? Well no problem until I realize that I am running out of yarn. Now I am wondering if there are different types of wool yarn and maybe I should have been using only one strand instead of two. I am also wondering if the yarn company did not give me all my wool. So at this point I am at a stand still and do not know what to do. I can see the need for using 2 strands as I am crocheting the handles but if I use 2 strands I will need to see if I can find another ball of this yarn (I will not tell you how long it took me to find this one).

So basically the goals I had for today of finishing my mother's present, buying my brother's present and something a bit extra for my father may not go as planned.

To add to all that I am feeling a bit blah and realize I have to wrap some of these gifts. LOL! Luckily I really do not have to worry about the gifts for my brother or B's brother as we will not be seeing them until after Christmas. I just have to wrap the gifts for my parents and B's parents.

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  1. It's now Christmas Eve and I haven't finished shopping. Actually, I've only somewhat started shopping. I hate procrastination. And yet, I do it.

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