December 13, 2004

12 days....

Today I am working alone. Well kind of alone I do have someone helping me a bit in one of my queues. One of the guys has a vacation day and the other one changed his day off to Mondays - starting today. So I am working like a little busy bee today.

And needless to say I am a bit ticked about the mother-in-law but since I cannot remember if I sent her the link to my blog I don't want to say what is upsetting me. I could call her but then B would get mad because I am not supposed to talk to his mother. That is a big pet peeve of mine!

Needless to say it does not look like I will have any Christmas photos this year because we are going over there and I never get to take photos. I am very upset I will not be spending Christmas with my family!

I better get back to work and get rid of some of this frustration.

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