December 22, 2004

3 days!!!!

No more Christmas? Is it over and no one told me?

Well at Target it appears to be. I went last night to buy a couple of boxes I had not realized I needed. As I expected there were no boxes. What I did not expect is that the Christmas trees and holiday decorations would no longer be up on display. There was not a Christmas tree anywhere on display in the store and in its place were the huge Rubbermaid storage containers. It is not even Christmas and yet Target is already done with it.

What stress level?

I still have Christmas presents left to make. I have realized that since the only person in my family that I will see on Christmas will be my Mom - then maybe I should finish her present first and forget the rest for right now. How slow am I that I did not realize this before? LOL!

NO Amazing Race!!!!

I was so bummed last night. Amazing Race was on at a different time and I missed it completely. I hate when that happens. Usually it will be announced the week before that the next showing would be at a different time. This is one of the few shows I do watch and since it was not on I was at a loss of what to do.

Christmas surprises. NOT!

So since I had nothing to do and B was out (this is critical), I started wrapping a couple of presents last night. Well I wrapped a total of three. I need to get busy. Two of the presents I wrapped were for B. I cannot wrap them when he is home. I am sure that by the end of the day he will have squeezed and shaken the boxes to figure out what is in them. Buying him presents is no fun. His family has always been big on lists and you get what is on your list. So of course you know exactly what you are getting. His mom is good at wrapping stuff in something else in an attempt to trick you. B is famous for knowing exactly what is in the boxes and it bugs me to no end. I told him that it is not fair since he hates surprises and he told us what to buy. This year there was no list given to his family so he will be surprised. He did give a list to me though. I found 2 different sized boxes to use and in fact present I wrapped in a couple of kitchen towels so that it feels like clothes but also does not move. He is usually onto that trick though.

The Christmas Fake Out

My in-laws have always brought our presents over before Christmas so that we can have something to open in the morning and usually because my father-in-law has to work. One year she had us pick up the presents at her house on Christmas Eve. This was years ago when PlayStation 1 first came out. His brother had gotten one the year before and B wanted one this particular year. His mom called to tell me that this is what she bought him. When we went to pick up the presents there was a huge box wrapped up for him. He immediately started feeling the box for seams to see if it maybe was a smaller box inside a larger one. He did not feel any seams but kept insisting that it was his PlayStation. His mother did not say anything until we are ready to drive away. Her last words were "I sure hope you are not disappointed in your gifts this year". That is what did it. We are driving home when B gets upset and says 'all I wanted was a PlayStation. He ticked me off so much that I wanted to yell at him 'it is a Play Station you idiot!!!' But I did not. I just smiled inside. I had to make him open the present the next morning. Then of course when he found out it was a PlayStation he tried to play it off like he knew all along. I ratted him out to my mother-in-law and so far she is ahead on the Christmas fake out. Of course she also got us that year by handing me a very small and very heavy wrapped gift. She told me that it was extremely fragile and to be very careful. When we opened the present I reminded B that we had to be careful while opening. And what was it that was so fragile? A set of COASTERS!!!! She sure did trick us good that year.


Okay. Update while typing this. B just called and asked if the wrapped boxes were for him. I guess he did not believe the little tag on them that says To: B From: S. It appears that he knows exactly what is in each box. He is no fun!

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