October 10, 2004

I am not good with lists

Okay. Something does not seem right. As of Friday, I had about 144 views to this page. I have not had anyone else visit yet my counter is now showing total views of 354. That tells me something is up. I guess it is time to change some of my links or something.

This weekend was another quiet weekend. I really need to find out why I am so tired all the time. Today we dedicated the twins and little Sammy at church. My whole immediate family went up (except B was not there and TJ disappeared the bathroom – very convenient and still refused to come up front). I tell you it does not appear that he will be a very enjoyable teenager. At least he ran up to me and let me hug him. He never complains when I do that so all is still good. After church we went grocery shopping and I came home exhausted. B made a wonderful dinner (Spaghetti ) and afterwards we watched Desparate Housewives. I think this may be a show we will watch regularly.

I finished reading Changing Habits by Debbie Macomber.

I felt it was a good book. It was a nice easy read. It is about 3 nuns that leave the convent. I found it interesting that one of the comments that was made in the book had to deal with Mary and Joseph having additional children. This is one of the topics I remember my mom asking the Priest (when we were Catholic) and the Priest was not very happy about it. From what I can recall growing up, Priests do not like their parishioners to ask any questions.

I must admit I am not good with lists. I did practically nothing on my list this weekend and ended up adding more to do because I forgot to list it in the first place. I am hoping that I will have my list completed by the end of this week. That is my goal and I will try to keep on top of it as best I can.

My to do list for Friday: For this week:

1) Clean the house (this will not get done I can tell you right now - LOL!) And it didn't. See I was right!
2) Organize scrapbook supplies and MK inventory (this is kind of like cleaning the house - this one room is a mess!!!)
3) Laundry would be nice - Yes is sure would be nice
4) Take car battery to auto store to see if they can recharge and hope and pray that is all it needs.
5) Take MK order to customer (did not get to deliver this weekend)
6) Connect my Aunt's computer
7) Dye my hair (hey is has been so long I am sure another weekend would not hurt). I found many silver strands this weekend. I usually do not notice
8) Exercise
9) Dinner with friends (this should be good for about 3 hours+ of my day)
10) Grocery Shopping
11) Renew libaray books (thank goodness for the internet)
12) Mail new customer order
13) Place new customer order
14) Mail thank you cards plus other cards I have sitting waiting to be sent
15) Make a deposit

I know there are other things I accomplished this weekend but for now I cannot seem to remember what they were. LOL! I guess if they were not on the list they were not important but seeing as all the things on my list are considered important I am really slacking.

It is late and I think I should go wash my face and head to bed. I have interviews starting this week and I need to get my sleep. Thanks for visiting. Goodnight.


  1. I make To Do lists and then don't do them. Funny isn't it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. just me---- omg....i do it, too! LOL

    and i was going to say...this list got bigger since i last saw it! ROFL...

  3. LOL! And to think it may get even longer with the thinking I have done today. LOL! I have too much to do so I always end up doing nothing. :-)

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