October 25, 2004

Just an update....nothing much

Why is it that when more people read my blog I am more hesitant to write anything? Why does it bother me if they don't like it? It is my site darn it! LOL!

It is Monday. I did not post this past weekend as I was forced to work on my day off. It was for training so it was not too bad. Then when I planned to update I instead was distracted in trying to find patterns online so I could make Christmas presents. I decided to go with the tiny pattern book I bought so on Saturday I went out to buy yarn. My town is very pitiful when it comes to yarn. I had already been to Michael's and that is as usual a disappointment. Then I remembered that we had Ben Franklin's so I went there. They are always out of yarn and this time was not any different. I do not know why I did not remember that. They did not have the brand of yarn that I wanted so I just grabbed what looked pretty. The staff was not very helpful when I wanted it - but one lady butted in to tell me that I had the wrong yarn combinations in my hand (one was cotton the other acrylic). I had to explain I had multiple projects going on. I don' t think I convinced her though. I did mention to her that the supply was limited and she ignored me after that.

I did manage to finish one gift this weekend. I made one of my nieces a cute little purse. She is two so I am hoping she likes it. I mean it is always so easy to please the little ones but I still stress about it. I just need to weave in the ends and I am all set. I am worried that it will fall apart as she may want to stuff it full. I don't have a digital but I may try to scan it later when I am at home.

Well that is it for my boring update. Sorry it could not be more but work is icky today and I am off to yet another training class!


  1. I always find Michael's yarn selection to be disappointing, too. I have the most luck at my dedicated yarn stores.

    I went through the same thing when I started blogging and noticed more visitors (not that I have huge numbers or anything!) I just try to write for myself, like I did when I started. :)

  2. Unfortunately my city does not have that many places to go for yarn. I do kind of remember hearing that we may have a couple of yarn stores in town however they are on total opposites sides of town and on the very outskirts. It is not very convenient to go. I was thinking tonight that I may just tough it up and drive out there. I wonder is there any place online where I could purchase yarn? And how are they on returns?

    Thanks again Lisa for visiting my blog. And you are right. I just need to get back to posting for me! *Ü*

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