October 26, 2004

My next project

For the two older girls I decided to make a Game Boy holder. It could also be used as a mini purse if they liked. Here is the scan from the pattern book. I kind of like the kerchief too but the girls aren't too into hats and I think they would feel a kerchief was the same thing.

Last night I had about 45 min or so to start working on the first one. I need to make two. What I like about this particular pattern is that I do not have to count rows. I just need to keep crocheting rows until it is the length that I need it to be. I like this as I am not very good with gauging. I am again using Red Heart acrylic yarn. It is rolling oh so bad and I hope once I put it all together it will flatten out. Here is a very boring scan of very boring 7.5 inches of single crochet. *Ü*

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