October 7, 2004

Tired (as usual) and yet so many things to do

I don't know why I am so tired. Maybe because I force myself to stay awake late into the night when I should be in bed. Maybe this is why I keep thinking today is the 14th of October instead of the 7th! For example last night, I was running some utility programs on my system. Even though the first one completed late last night I started another one. I thought it was almost finished so like the idiot I am I sat and watched it. I was falling asleep right there and kept expecting to end up hitting my head on the keyboard. Then of course once I finished did I go to bed? Of course not! I restarted, went online, downloaded and answered some emails and I think I may have updated my blog template or something. By the time I went to bed I was so exhausted I do not remember anything after turning off the light.

It is currently lunch time. That means my day should sort of be halfway over. Friday is my day off and I am really looking forward to it as I always do but even though I have high hopes for doing a lot of stuff on that day I never seem to get around to it.

My to do list for Friday:

1) Clean the house (this will not get done I can tell you right now - LOL!).
2) Organize scrapbook supplies and MK inventory (this is kind of like cleaning the house - this one room is a mess!!!)
3) Laundry would be nice
4) Take car battery to auto store to see if they can recharge and hope and pray that is all it needs.
5) Take MK order to customer
6) Connect my Aunt's computer
7) Dye my hair (hey is has been so long I am sure another weekend would not hurt)

Updated (2:08pm) as I obviously forgot...(I am sure this list will continue to grow)

8) Exercise
9) Dinner with friends (this should be good for about 3 hours+ of my day)

I am sure there are many more things that I need or want to get done tomorrow or this weekend. Like crafty stuff such as crocheting Christmas presents (or anything for that matter) or scrapbooking or my goal of learning how to knit or working on any other various craft projects that are in various stages of completion and believe me there are many!!!

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