October 17, 2004


Why is it when I should be heading to bed I instead find myself drawn to the computer? All day today (Sunday) I did not go near the computer. I did not even turn it on. Then as I head upstairs to get ready for bed I tell myself I need to just download my email, not read it, just download it. That then turns into checking out my blog (hoping that maybe my profile will have updated - yeah right!) and creating a new post. Then I find myself looking at other blogs or websites. I walked upstairs an hour and 20 min. ago and here I sit in front of the computer. I can say I did one productive thing which was pack up an order but since that only entailed printing a mailing label and stuffing the box with packing peanuts it was not that big of a job. I guess I better head to bed. I am sure I will find something else I just have to do before I finally go to sleep.

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