October 16, 2004

Tired and sore

I am very tired today. Not sleepy tired but whole body tired. I ache all over. I have ended up doing nothing but watching t.v. Friday I ran all my errands in about an hour which is fast for me (YAY ME!) and did some cleaning. I did some very deep cleaning in the bathroom and put in new fixtures I purchased sometime right after last Christmas. (it takes me awhile to use new things once I buy them). Last night I was in pain. My right arm had extreme muscle spasms in my arm that went to the middle of my chest and it made it hard to sleep. I could not get comfortable. My arm and chest continued to hurt for quite awhile in the morning but I moved around a bit until I was just feeling sore muscle. So I was a total slacker today. I read, watched The Day After Tomorrow - which I saw in the theater but wanted to see again. I have decided that disaster movies are best seen in the theater and not at home. LOL! I then watched episode 5-8 of the first season of The Apprentice. A co-worker had it on DVD and lent me the first 2 to watch. Now I was watching Dante's Peak but came upstairs and got hooked into making an entry. B teases me because I like this movie and knows I will make him watch it if I can. He also teases that I liked Deep Impact too. After Dante's Peak I am going to watch the Avalanche movie that is on Sci-Fi. I don't know what it is with me and movies about natural disaters. Well I am off to watch some more t.v.

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