October 18, 2004

Monday morning headache

I have not had any headaches in quite awhile. Then last night as soon as I put my head on my pillow I was hit with a headache. I waited a bit to see if it was real and since it never went away I took something last night. Needless to say I woke up with this same headache. The thing I hate the worst is waking up with a headache and on a Monday none the less. I took something before leaving for work and it is just getting worse. I took some more Advil while here at work and ate some breakfast but the end is not in sight. Not only does it hurt but I am very dizzy and lightheaded and it is extremely hard to concentrate. I am having problems typing and since I do email support I need to be able to type. This is not good. Work just started and I still have 10 hours to go.

10:05 AM - Well... headache is still with me but I must say it is not so bad. The bad parts just come and go in waves. So it is now more like a pounding headache combined with a small constant one. It is still hard to focus.

12:15PM - Still there. At least I was able to drive and run to the post office during my lunch hour. I am back to the icky-ness of earlier this morning. It doesn't help that I have to make 2 supervisor escalation callbacks as soon as lunch is over which will be in aprox. 10 min. I am crossing my fingers that I will be understandable when I call these customers. It is so hard to speak to customers when I cannot concentrate. At least I am noticing that it did not take 2 weeks to update my profile this last time around. LOL! Little things like that usually make my day. Not so today.

2:13 PM - Doing better. Had 2 cans of soda so far today and a couple of Advil sometime before lunch. It is still there but I am able to call and speak to customers. Luckily my first callback the customer was in a meeting and I will have to callback tomorrow. Now I am off to make my second callback. This one may take awhile. Sounds like this guy just wants to yell. I hate when the rep that causes the call to be escalated does not write anything in the case notes except the words 'Customer is upset'. Urgh!


  1. I used to have headaches. Do you sleep on your side with your right or left arm extended up past your head, kind of resting your head on your shoulder? If so, you may be causing a tightness in your "headache muscle", as the massage therapist called it. I'm not sure if it is the trapezius or a muscle next to the trapezius. In any event, aspirin, Tylenol, etc., never worked for me with this kind of headache. Massage fixed it, and when it comes back, I can massage it away myself.

    Get a good massage therapist, explain your problem, and see if he or she can work it out for you. Nothing to lose but the cost of a massage if it doesn't work, and if it works, you'll know what to do to get rid of the headaches yourself. On the rare occassion when the headache comes back for me, I can get rid of it in a few minutes with massage.

  2. You may have something there. Thanks!

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