October 27, 2004

Pattern Problems - Need Help!

I was taught to crochet by my grandmother. She only taught me the basic single and double crochet but when I was younger it was enough for me. My grandmother never used a pattern in her life, she did not know how to read one. She would make beautiful things and would sell them out of her house. When I got older I wanted to make beautiful things but since I had no idea on how to do anything fancy and since I could not read any patterns I decided I needed to learn. By this time my grandmother could not remember how to crochet so I taught myself. I feel that I do pretty well and even when some patterns call for weird stitches I can always figure them out. That is until last night. I am working on a pattern and I have no idea if I am doing it right. I have no one to ask either and that is sad. I am hoping if I post the question to my blog that someone might be able to assist me. It is kind of hard to explain without photos though but I will try my best.

Here are the steps for this stitch:

Sc2tog = (draw up a loop in next sc) twice. Yoh and draw through 3 loops on hook.

Now I used this stitch on another pattern and I think I did it right because the project turned out okay. It was used to make a heart and the final result looked like a heart so something had to be right. However what I am using it on now just does not look right. The instructions that I followed for the heart are slightly different than the main instructions I posted above.

"Draw up a loop in each of first 2 sc. Yoh and draw through all loops on hook - sc2tog made"

This is how I do this stitch. I insert the hook thru the first sc stitch thru the front (both loops) then insert the hook again thru the front of the next sc (both loops). I then put the yarn over the hook once and pull it thru all loops on the hook. This does not look bad until I get to the end of the row. According to the main directions I am to use this stitch but it is kind of tight when I need to turn at the end of a row. Am I supposed to ch 1 at the end? The directions do not say. Is it just a given to ch1 at the end?

Now that I am typing out the instructions I am wondering if the stitch goes in the same sc twice and not in the next 2 sc? Is that where I am going wrong?

Okay I am starting to ramble. I better go.


  1. It sounds as if you are doing your decreases correctly, and I always do a ch 1 at the end of each row.

  2. Thank you.

    I will have to wait and see if I have the same problem with the 2nd purse. I am realizing that this pattern is not as easy as I thought. :-(

  3. I wish I could help. I don't know anything about crochet. I hope the purses work out.


  4. It sounds like you were doing it right (doing it over two sc's). I think I've done that stitch before, also confused me. And I agree that you always do a chain before turning (at least in everything I've done.) Love to see a pic when you get some of it done. :)

  5. Beth & Tracy - Thank you. I think I will leave it as it is right now even though I think it is wrong (not the stitch I was having problems with but the extras I added - LOL!). I hope that when I start the second purse I will get it right. I will be sure to post either a pic or some type of scan when it is finished. Once I figure out how to sew it together I think it will finish up very quickly.

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