October 25, 2004

One Christmas present down - tons more to go

On Saturday I started making a Christmas present for one of my nieces. I decided on making purses for the girls. This particular little one is 2 and likes hot pink.

I worked on it for 2 days. I think if I make one again it will only take me a few hours of one day. I spent so much time trying to get the gauge right that I think I spent more time on that then the actual making of the purse. All that I have left to do is weave in some ends but I will save that for later.

This was the closest I could find to hot pink in the very limited craft store I went to. I am using Red Heart Classic acrylic yarn. I was looking forward to using cotton but the store did not have any. I hate how my project rolls. Can anyone help me with the rolling? Is it the type of yarn that causes it to 'roll up'?

Below is a scan of the purse from the pattern book.

This is a scan of the purse that I made. The size is about 8.5 by 6 inches (maybe a little bigger)This is my first attempt at something other than a blanket or hat. I don't have a digital so the scanner will have to do.


  1. I think that is so cool that you scan your projects. They look so good!

    That purse is adorable. I love the heart detail. :)

    I've bought yarn online at www.theknittinggarden.com and www.jimmybeanswool.com and had good experiences at both. I'm not sure about their return policies, though. Also, if I do a Yahoo! Yellow Pages search for "knitting" I get more yarn store listings than if I type in "yarn." You might have one and not even realize! :)

  2. Thank you Lisa.

    I had fun making this little purse. It was so quick and easy.

    Thanks for the info on online yarn stores. I will have to do a search and see what I can come up with.

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