November 17, 2009

instead of chocolate

I have been off line for a couple of days. But getting away from all the online distractions really did not help me accomplish anything. I always seem to be doing something else INSTEAD of what I SHOULD be doing.

So on that note. I made a pretty word cloud of all my facebook status updates from the past month. I guess chocolate has been on my mind lately.

November 4, 2009



Maybe it's the way the chapter is written, or that I should not be reading it so late at night. Maybe it's just bad high school memories. What it all boils down to is that I am not a lover of Chemistry.

It's sad really. I used to love science so much and was so excited when the time came for me to take Chemistry in high school. That is until I actually took the class.

I remember enjoying the experiments and the subject matter but the teacher really put a damper on it. She was known as a hard-ass. Others seemed to like her though, me . . . not so much. Especially after getting a note that I received a C on an assignment because my handwriting was too girly or something along those lines. She also told me that my over all grade in the class was lower due to my doodling on the outside of my lab book.

Definitely not something a young girl with terrible self esteem needed to hear. I have always felt just a bit as though I was not smart enough for the subject.

I used to have dreams of being a Veterinarian or even working in Genetics. But that all changed after Chemistry.

In college I took Biology but when the time came to take Chemistry I found that I could not do it.

I picked non-sciency majors. Got non-sciency jobs. I worked in teaching, bookstores and even with computers.

Then came the job I have now. A science related job. I am currently taking an Anatomy & Physiology class. First chapter was a breeze. Medical stuff I already knew. Then came Chapter Two.

I had such high hopes of finishing this class quickly. That is until I got to Chapter Two.

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