April 27, 2007

I have a scrubby!

From now on B shall be known as my scrubby! LOL! To see what I mean check out this scrapping mockumentary.

Or you can just click on the video links below.

This is the short preview:

And this one is just a bit longer:

You may want to watch both as they both are a bit different.

Now I wanna go to Scrap-a-polooza!!

April 24, 2007

I have class!

Today I actually got out of the house for something productive.

I had to go down to the OneStop for an Employability Skills class. I was so glad to finally be able to take this class as it is a requirement if I want to get additional job training!!

This was the 3rd time I have been signed up to attend. The first time, the instructor did not know there was a class and I was told that they could not reschedule me. I spoke to my caseworker and got rescheduled for last week. Last Monday, I was all ready to head to class and found out the tire was flat on the rental car. I did not make it to class that day and you cannot miss a day in this class. So I was rescheduled yet again for this week.

So far, I like the class. The instructor is very personable and funny. He is going to help me learn how to become a pro at job interviews. I have to tell ya….I really do suck at job interviews so I am looking forward to all I can learn.

Well….I have finished my homework (yep! Homework) and it is WAY past my bedtime!


....or should I say....Happy Early Morning to ya!


Last Saturday night, B and I went to see the band Tesla in concert. They were playing at the county fair and B really wanted to go. It was a great show! We were pretty close to the stage and probably could have gotten closer. The only pictures that turned out were the ones that B took since he was able to hold the camera above most of the heads of the people in front of us.

All I have to say is that anyone over 6.6 feet really should not be up front at a concert ~ well unless I know you. LOL! The guy in question is the one in the white hat at the right side of the picture. You can see the top of the girl’s head that was in front of me. We were probably the same in height ~ so you can see that it was hard to see around this guy.

This was my first time at the county fair. After the concert, we walked around a bit looking at all the things for sale. It was pretty cold and our feet hurt so it was wonderful to finally trek back across the huge parking area to our car. In fact, my feet still hurt today ~ 2 days later!

April 20, 2007

Well...the car is back

Today we went to pick up our car from the shop that was fixing the accident damage. I must say I am not really happy with the place.

When I first went to drop off the car, I was really pleased with how I was treated. My mom had taken her car in to this place and so did B when we had the bumper replaced.

We got to the shop today and they had us pay immediately before showing us the car. Then we waited. We waited until we were told that the guy who tinted the windows had taken off with our car key but that he was not far away. Since they told us that the guy was not far away and the rental car needed gas before being returned, I told B that I would head out and by the time I got gas and got to the rental agency, I would not have to wait too long for him to pick me up. Boy were we wrong! Seems the guy with our key was much further away than what we were told. After waiting one hour, I called the shop to find out that B was still there and the guy STILL had NOT shown up. When the guy did show up he did not even have the decency to come in to bring B the key. He dropped it off with someone else. No apologies from anyone! In total what should have been a quick trip ended up taking a little over 2 hours!

When I finally got to see the car, I was very disappointed. The door is still dented and the paint is all sloppy (it dried in long drips) down the side of the car. Right after we paid our bill the gal at the front desk was trying to get us to go to a website to leave feedback about our visit. Yep! We are going to sure leave them some feedback!!

Thank you

Thank you to all who commented about my Uncle’s passing.

The funeral was last Saturday. It was a very long day. I really wanted to just sit still but found myself running all over the church talking to people. I think if I would have just sat still I would have lost it.

I think my Uncle would have been very touched and tickled pink (his favorite color) at how many people attended the funeral. It was standing room only. People had to park across the street.

I made a display board with pictures. I don’t know how I will do when I take it apart. I am okay as long as I try not to think about him being gone but I don’t know if that is good for me.

April 12, 2007

Adan "Don" Rodriguez

Adan "Don" Rodriguez joined the Lord on April 9, 2007. Adan was born July 31, 1948 in Lordsberg, NM. He moved to Tucson, AZ as a child, and spent most of his life there. After high school, Adan went to school to become a cosmetologist and practiced cosmetology until he left Tucson to proudly serve his country in the United States Marine Corp. Upon returning to Tucson, he attended Pima Community College and the University of Arizona where he studied Psychology. He indirectly applied his "people" studies during his long and fulfilling career as a cosmetologist and beauty salon owner. His salon was his home away from home, and his "girls" were family. His salon offered him the opportunity to make many dear friends, and deeply touch the lives of everyone that he crossed paths with. Adan loved life and lived it to the fullest. His vivacious spirit will never be forgotten, and will continue to live in the hearts of all his friends and loved ones. He is survived by his loving wife, Elma Rodriguez; son, Adam (Robyn Hill) Rodriguez; brothers and sisters, Tilly (Sammy) Martinez, Jesus (Gloria) Rodriguez; Bobbie (Larry) Carbajal, Irma (Manny) Urbina and nieces and nephews, Lupe, Joey, Pearl, Sammy, Jessica, Stefani, Michael, Manny, Belinda and Gloria Rene. Preceding him in death were his parents, Jesus and Paz Rodriguez; brothers, Joe and Ramon and beloved longtime furry friend, Hannah. Memorial services will begin at 12:00 noon, Saturday, April 14, 2007 at St. Cyril of Alexandria. As requested by Adan, attire should be bright and colorful, just as he was. No black, please. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Care entrusted to EAST LAWN PALMS MORTUARY.

Good-bye Uncle. I will miss you.

April 10, 2007

It's over

Sadly, my Uncle passed away early Monday (yesterday) morning.

My Uncle was an extremely popular and likable person. He will be missed by not just my family and me but by everyone he knew. He was the life of the party.

Today was spent hanging out with my Mom. Just running errands, answering the phone, and the main thing…..just being there for her.

We spent some time going thru boxes and albums looking for old photos of my Uncle. I was hoping to find (and sneak home) my favorite picture of the two of us. But the spot was empty in my baby album and my Mom mentioned something about the photo being framed at my Uncle’s house. I only know of one copy. I think I will need to sneak over there to snag it back. :)

April 5, 2007

not good news

My Uncle is not doing well. He has a brain aneurysm and doctors do not want to operate at this time and just want to wait. They tell us he has a 10% chance to live. He was just recuperating from his 2nd liver transplant and he gets hit with something not even to do with the transplant. I am really starting to freak out.

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