February 28, 2005

Something sounds fishy

I bought my car last year on 01/28/04 and it was registered on that date. I am used to car registrations lasting one year so I was expecting to renew this month (Feb). Well about 2 weeks ago B is pulled over for expired tags. It appears we were only registered for 6 months and the registration expired in November. I understand that Motor Vehicles is not guaranteed to send us a renewal notice but since I was expecting the tags not to expire until a year later, I never noticed what was actually on the plates. The registration goes to my Dad’s office so I was waiting for him to call me to pick up my mail. The renewal notice was never sent to us, with my Dad having surgery, and in the hospital at that time, our minds were on other things. We were okay with missing the registration and B went online on Feb. 7th to renew. On our receipt, it states we will receive the new tags in 5 business days. It is now the 28th of February and we have no tags. I called my cousin who works for MVD and she said we would have to go down and pick up the tags. B and my Dad went down to MVD today and they were told that they could not get our tags, as our car was not registered due to ‘someone’ requesting a refund on the 17th of Feb. They could not tell us who this person was but they do have our money! Talk about something not sounding right. I am wondering if the previous owner has anything to do with this since we never got the original renewal letter to begin with. However, the state does show our address as the mailing address.

How fishy does this sound?

February 23, 2005

Post that used to be part of Good Afternoon

Why is it when I would like to buy something for me I always think twice and never buy it, but when I am buying for others I am all gung-ho?

For example….. As I have written about before, I joined the Thread CAL at Crochetville. I have completed one thread project and wanted to buy colored thread to work on more projects. Each time I went to the store, I would look at the colors but never buy any. I decided to make my mom some pretty flower bookmarks for her birthday that I found on Heather’s site. I WOULD HAVE A LINK TO HEATHERS SITE RIGHT HERE BUT FOR THE PAST HOUR BLOGGER WOULD DELETE ANYTHING AFTER THE LINK! To do this I would need colored thread. So last night I went to JoAnn’s to check out the colors. I could not decide on what colors to get (the pink was too pink) when I walked down an aisle (just cause) and found the prettiest light pink DMC thread (it was cheaper too). When I checked out, I was expecting to pay $2.50 per roll and ended up only paying $1.49 for the DMC (I got pink and white). I had to force myself not to go back and get the pretty light blue. I am hoping the price will be the same next time I head out there (30 min drive). I started making my first flower last night and finished it. Now I just need to block it and start on the second one. Once I am finished I can use the colored thread for me – without a guilty conscience.


Heather's site link is - http://truelovetreasures.blogspot.com/

Post that used to be called Good Afternoon

Adagio Teas

I received my sample from Adagio Teas. I was sent the Herbal Sampler. I am so excited to have this tea. Last night I had yummy Spearmint. Doesn’t it just look yummy?

B laughs at me because I keep opening the tins just to smell the tea. Mint is one of my favorite flavors and this tea did not disappoint. I cannot wait until I save my pennies for the teacup they sell on their site. I want to get the starter set so I can get the tea cup thingy and have some teas that maybe B will like. He is very picky and just likes plain black tea with no flavorings what-so-ever.


Work will be busy due to one of our group of four being on vacation in Hong Kong for 2 weeks. Then when he gets back another one in our group of four is leaving for Japan for 2 weeks. Then there is me. I am stuck here and need to cover for when they are gone. The one guy that started his vacation today had arranged to have someone cover for him but it appears that the higher powers that be do not like that idea and it is up to me to administer (which I don’t mind) and handle (which I don’t) these particular cases in addition to what I already do. So needless to say I just found out I will be having to come in to work on my days off (Friday) and have to cancel a doctor appointment I made back in December and hope that I can be seen sometime soon in the future. I really don’t like when work makes me rearrange my personal life on such short notice and I really don’t like when they expect me to just go with the flow and cancel everything.


I would write more but this darn site is ticking me off. Each time I go to preview or save my post it deletes everything and I have to start over! URGH! Lunch is almost over and I now have no time to work on my knitting that I brought with me. I just want to get away from my desk for a few minutes. Is that too much to ask?

Blogger does not like me

Just a test post to see if what I actually write is what shows up on my post.

February 22, 2005

LO: 6th Anniversary

One page layout - 8.5 x 11

Supplies used:

  • Bazzill cardstock
  • Patterned paper – From the big stack from Provo Craft (don't remember the name)
  • MM rub-on letters
  • MM heart brad
  • Bazzill brads "June Berry"
  • Fiber
  • I made the tag using Scrapagerz tag template
  • Computer font for journaling – "CK Script"

LO: Carving Pumpkins 2003

Page size is 8.5x11 - Two pages stitched together in scan. The page really is not crooked but looks that way due to the scan.

Supplies used:

  • Cardstock - Bazzill (gotta love the monochromatic packs - I can use any color and they match!)
  • Patterned paper - Provo Craft - one of the big stacks I think
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Tag I made myself
  • Computer font - Scrap Serif the I printed in gray and wrote using Micron Pen
  • Jolee's stickers

February 21, 2005

What would you do? I need help with a customer.

I need help with a customer. I am hoping you all can help me.

I have a home-based business. I have a new customer that wanted to purchase an item from me at the end of December. I got the product in stock that last week of December and she asked me to call her the first week of January after the holiday to arrange drop off. I did call her but had to leave messages for her, as she was not in. Each day I brought her product with me to work hoping to be able to drop it off. The 2nd week of January, I was home sick. She called me on a Saturday and DH told her I was in bed (way to go honey)! He said she was not too nice but I think this is just her and not the fact that I was in bed. She told DH that she wanted to know why I had not called her. I immediately called her back and told her that I had called her and left messages and told her who I left messages with. I found this weird as all other times I have called my phone number has appeared on her caller-id and she has always called back to find out who is calling her (she is new and does not recognize my name). She then mentioned that she had not been getting all of her messages. She then proceeded to tell me she still wanted the original product and also would be ordering something else but that she was going out of town and would call me when she got back. She clearly mentioned that she did NOT want me to call her. So here is my dilemma. It is now the end of February. I have not heard from this lady. I want to know if she still wants her original product or if I can sell it to someone else.

My problem is knowing how to contact her. Should I call her? Should I send her a card? What should I say? Should I mention that someone else is interested in the product (even though there is no one)? Should I mention that I was concerned she had tried to call me but due to issues with my phone, she did not get thru (again not true)? What is a nice way to contact this customer and get across to her that I still have her product? I don’t want to sound pushy. But yet it would be nice to get her the product she ordered.


Mid-day review

It is now afternoon. This day is going slowly but not as slowly as last week. Lunch was not too exciting except for the 20 minutes where I got to work on my ribbed scarf. I do not know why it is taking me forever to finish this scarf. It is rarely cold enough to need one here in Arizona but lately we have had tons of winter storms, which one would think would motivate me to finish but I have been in a slump to work on anything lately.

I want to start working on some summer tunics/sweaters. Anyone have any ideas of something I can make? Luckily, with being in such a large building, it is usually kept cool. Well it is kept cool when I keep going to the thermostat and changing it from heat to cool. I do not know who keeps changing it but someone always manages to turn this place into a furnace in the afternoons. I would rather it be cold in here and not hot.

I am feeling pretty good today. I am wearing the new clothes my mom bought me for my birthday so I fell all pretty and grown-up. Leave it to my mom to choose colors I would never choose for myself. I love what she picked though and need to go back and find another pair of the pants she got me. Hey! When I find a pair that fits AND is comfy for everyday wear I need to stock up!

So basically, I am reading up on my favorite blogs (and some new ones) and trying to work in between (shhhhh don't tell anyone). I have 4 hours to go until I get to go home.

I am so boring

I did absolutely nothing this past weekend but sit on my butt. B played his video game (Mercenaries) and I just lounged about. I did not even do anything crafty. I totally forgot about my yarn projects and although I tried to scrapbook, I just could not get any ideas down that I liked. I stayed away from the computer and either read or napped. I must be getting old as I find myself sleeping more often. My mom naps – not me. Napping is for babies and old people. My mom is old – not me. Well I guess I am getting up there in years and the napping time sounds so good now. LOL!

On Friday, B went to the movies with a friend to see a movie he wanted to see and I stayed home and watched a chick flick (yeah me time!). I watched First Daughter. I liked it but thought it was the same as Chasing Liberty. I did nothing on any of my projects.

Saturday was stormy with lightning, thunder and hail. Even though I have a surge protector, I always unplug everything having to do with my computer. I don’t know why I do that. I am such a scaredy cat.

B and I also watched Napoleon Dynamite and The Village. I was disappointed in Napoleon Dynamite and surprised B sat thru it. As for The Village……All I can say is that I loved it! B hates M. Night Shyamalan movies (except for Unbreakable) and so I watched it first by myself. I am so happy that I did. B has a habit of commenting during movies (at home only) that ticks me off. So I am glad I got to see the movie on my own so that I could enjoy it. I watched it again when he went out on Sunday for a couple of hours.

So now, it is Monday and it is back to the grind. I brought my knitting with me to work and I hope to work on it during my lunch break. Eventually I will finish one of my many projects. The guys I work with know that I taught myself to knit. Now whenever I wear a sweater they always ask me if I made it. One of these days, I hope to be able to say yes. I do find it funny though as they will usually bring up the subject and ask me about my progress.

Such is my boring life.

February 17, 2005

I miss the sun

I was able to go home an hour early yesterday. It was just an hour but what a difference an hour makes. The sun was still up and I had energy to do stuff (not that I did anything). I never see the sun. When I leave for work it is dark and when I get to work the sun is just coming up but you cannot see it yet – just the lightening of the sky. I work indoors all day without a window nearby. Since I am not a smoker I do not go outside during the day. I know that is not a good excuse but I very rarely take breaks and if I go outside, I feel as if I am slacking. When I leave work the sun is down and the sky gets darker as I drive home. When I get home, it is dark. When it is dark, I do not feel like I have much time to do much of anything so I basically just wind down. Working these long days is the only reason I do not like working 4 x 10’s. Other than that little reason I love my schedule. I work Monday – Thursday and have a 3 day weekend. Of course, I seem to spend one of those days just catching up on sleep. Today there is no sun. It is very overcast. It sure has been raining a lot lately. I am not used to all this water but I will take it when I can get it, as it will soon start to be in the 100’s. Moreover, when it gets that hot I find myself begging for it to rain.


Last night B made King Crab legs for dinner (he is now feeling better). They were the best and not just because we got them for $8.99 a pound!!!! Guess what I am having for dinner tonight? Yep! They were so cheap B got 2 pounds. I am still surprised that we had leftovers though they are one of our favorite things to eat.

It is slow again at work today. Since it is my “Friday” I am hoping I can go home early again. Only problem with that is I really need the money so I need to work the hours.

February 16, 2005

Too early for spring fever?

B is not feeling well. He has not felt well for the past 2 days. I think he has the flu. I sure hope not because he sure does get grouchy when he is sick and I really don't want to catch what he has. Not because I don't want to be sick (although that is a good reason) but because I will have to take care of myself. What is it with men that when they get sick they expect to be mothered but when the woman is sick we have to fend for ourselves?

I wonder if I should go home early today. I wonder how I will work that out. I mean I already took Monday off of work and I always have Friday off. How sad is it that I cannot even work a full 3 days a week? Maybe I have spring fever or is it too early for that? There is nothing left for me to do here and I am bored. Of course you will never hear me admit that.

As for my projects......I have not worked very much on them so pictures are definitely not necessary.

February 15, 2005

Tea for two

Tea for two? No way. Just tea for me.

I love tea and cannot get enough. In fact B does not like me to buy tea as he says I have enough - he is not a tea lover and will only drink basic black. *Ü* I don't think he understands that I drink different teas depending on what mood I am in. One of my new favorites is Rooibos tea. Usually with vanilla and honey. Very yummy. I like me the red teas!

Lately, I have been seeing the Adagio tea buttons on different websites. While reading Julie's blog today, I know now what the buttons are for. I have no problem advertising for tea. Hmmmmmmmmmm I think I need to go and make me some tea now.

February 12, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!

For my birthday dinner, my parents took me out to eat at Sullivan's. It is a very pricey steak and seafood place (I don't think that is how they are advertised but that was ALL they had). It is in a small center with two other extremely popular restaurants and not enough parking. After driving around for over 10 min and finally being able to follow someone to their car, we got to park. My parents were already there and seated. The hostess told us she would get someone to take us to the table. Well we were standing right by her and she forgot all about us. Each hostess and host that came by she had them do something else. She finally remembered we were there (even told us she had forgotten us) and we were led to our table. The place was crowded but I think that was the style and mood of the place. It has a 20's style theme as if we were in Chicago or New York. They had loud music playing and it was hard to talk. One little funny was when my sister-in-law got up to use the restroom. She had placed her napkin down on the table. One of the servers immediately came by and refolded it for her. LOL!

Each item on the menu was a separate price, so if you wanted a potato with your $30.00 steak you had to pay $6.00 more. Same thing if you wanted a salad. My dad ordered a salad. It was not a salad. It was a head of iceberg lettuce cut into fourths and drowned with Blue Cheese dressing. That was it. Nothing else. Oh and just in case you did not like Blue Cheese…..well that is too bad as they did not have any other dressing. Not even Ranch. Only Blue Cheese. I think this was about the time my mom was not too pleased with the place.

When our meals came, they did not bring mine and brought my brother the wrong steak. We were told it would take over 20 min to cook another so he just ate what they brought him. I had ordered Tequila Lime shrimp. I finally got it and it was un-eatable. I only ate one (I got eight for $24.00). It was too hot. It did not taste like Tequila, Lime or even shrimp. Another worker, not our server told us that it is soaked in red pepper chilies. This would have been nice to know when reading the menu. So even after all this I still enjoyed my night. I am starving and have not eaten anything but that won't hurt me. I can tell you though; no one in our family will ever go to that place again. I think if it were not so busy, it would have been better. I just feel bad that for over $200.00 I did not get anything to eat.

This is a picture of B and me right after we were seated. Before all the mess-ups.

Here is my Mom and Dad.

My brother and his wife.

And me.....Yay! Happy Birthday to me!!!!

February 9, 2005

Wednesday - Works-in-Progress

I have not been feeling well so I neglected my poor computer this past weekend. Since I was not feeling well to go to work, I was also not feeling well to work on any projects. Then of course last night (Tues) I found myself working on my ribbed scarf and not even getting to one row when all the stitches came off the needle. I got them all back on but it was just not right. I mean the end of the yarn was four stitches from the end and not at the end like it was supposed to be. I just threw in all in the bag and decided to stress about it later. So fast forward to tonight…..I fixed it. I can tell where I frogged it too but that is just because I am anal. LOL! So here is a current picture of my ribbed scarf. I am using two skeins and have just started with the 2nd one. I was surprised how it looked when I hung it on the wall, as I had not noticed how the pattern of colors looked. I really like how the pattern is turning out. Now I did just start the 2nd skein so I am hoping that with this 2nd one it does not change the pattern too drastically. Is it too much to wish for that the pattern stay exactly the same? LOL! I can see though in the top left that it is changing already.

As for the garter stitch scarf, I am going to start over and do a different pattern. Probably make 2 scarves instead of one and make them single colored. I have never started a project and then changed my mind and decided to make something else before. Of course, I have never made anything specifically for me, as they have all been gifts and are specific in what I decide to make.

February 3, 2005

Project Update

I am such a slacker. I start to write an extremely interesting update and then I never post it. I mean it is really interesting and yet the time passes and I post something else. Same thing with updating my template. I have everything ready to go except a couple of things but I never change it. So today's post.........it is ummmmm one of the not too exciting ones. Well that is if you do not like crafty things. In fact I uploaded these photos last night and still did not update.

I am almost done with my garter stitch scarf. I am really not loving this scarf. Well I do think I will be excited once it is done but there are many things I do not like about it but I can say I have learned not to carry the color up the side on this type of project. Another thing is that it appears to no longer be straight. I have checked and I do have the correct number of stitches (no increases) but if you look at the picture you can see where the scarf is getting wider. I did find myself telling B that he is to no longer make any comments of any kind (good or bad) concerning this scarf or I will stop and may not start again. LOL~!

So even though I have many projects that I need to finish I did decide to start a new one. The other day I bought a couple of skeins of LionBrand Jiffy and I am making yet another scarf. Now I do not know what I will ever wear these scarves in the desert but I am excited to make them. This scarf is a knit2, purl2 rib. I love it!!!!! I realize that once I am done with this scarf I can move on to a much larger project with confidence. I started this new scarf the other night at 11:30pm (when I should have been in bed). Well I was in bed but I thought starting a new project would be better then sleeping. I did not like how my first attempt was coming out and restarted it making it not so wide. Now B is asking me why I get the cool scarf and he gets the icky scarf. Yeah. I don't think he likes the garter scarf either.

February 1, 2005

One project or two?

Are you the type of person that can only work on one project at a time or do you find yourself getting bored and starting multiple projects? If you do work on multiple projects do you find that you never finish? How many projects are you currently working on?

As for me.......I find that I get bored and start new projects. However the projects I first started out on never get finished. As for how many projects I am currently working on......they are too numerous to count.

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