April 26, 2006

LO: Sweet Girl

Here is a layout I completed I think sometime last month. I finally got around to scanning it. I do NOT know how to use the Chatterbox papers and I am really happy with how this one turned out.

Thanks for looking.

Supplies used:

* Cardstock – Bazzill
* Patterned paper – Chatterbox "Light Orchard Blossom", "Rosey Nook Blossoms", "Rosey Nook Plaid"
* Fluid chalk ink – Colorbox "Creamy Brown"
* Rub-on – My Mind's Eye "Sweet Girl"
* Computer font – 2Peas "Well Behaved"
* Ribbon

April 25, 2006

No pinch, No pinch

Here is a funny for all of you……

No pinch, No pinch


It's Back!

I think my sinus infection is back. Well I think it is back.

This whole past weekend I was under the weather. My sinuses are killing me. I never had allergies and now at my age I get them. Sunday I was in a fog the entire day and I don’t think my butt left the sofa.

Monday, I woke up okay but still had a headache. I took tons of stuff (even had to use my inhaler) and felt well enough to handle the day. Although I felt like I would float away at any given time. Last night, I did not really do anything physical but when I went to bed, every joint ached. I could not figure out why. Even my toes ached. I was also FREEZING and could not get warm. I think I finally felt comfortable enough to sleep 45 minutes after I went to bed.
I woke up this morning and my cough is back. It did not even start out little but came back full force so I am back to using my inhaler. I am still achy but I am here at work. I don’t think I will stay the whole day though.

My boss has been out the last couple of days, sick. We don’t know his symptoms are but I just found out that 2 other co-workers have the same symptoms as me. Achy and FREEZING. So either the sinus infection is back or we all have something that is going around. Either way I am not happy. I just want to go back to being healthy.

April 21, 2006

I like work

I stayed home yesterday. I was tired and then I got a bad headache. The headache was almost gone but then B got home and it got worse. B gets so mad when I stay home or take a vacation day and that really ticks me off. I just know he is jealous of my job and really needs to get over it.

So today I am back at work. I would have loved to stay home again but did not want to have to put up with B and his jerky attitude. Work so far is fine except earlier my new web toy was not working too well (not updating) but that seems to be fixed now and everyone can know EXACTLY what I have been listening to (well at work anyways). If you click on the chart below it will take you to my last.fm page. Maybe you should make one for yourself.

April 19, 2006

Another new web toy

I found another new toy to play with. I can show the world just how obsessive I am when it comes to playing the same song over and over again. I can either show which bands/songs I play the most of or my most recently played songs.

This one I think is more fun than my last online web toy. But it is the same in that it changes and updates. Now as soon as I figure out how to make a smaller one to fit into my sidebar it will take up residence there...well that and finding one that I really really like. There are so many to choose from. Heck! I will just paste them all. LOL! Actually I will just paste two. I need to decide if I want the time to show or not. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and I think I will get busy making my own. :-)

April 18, 2006

It is finished

Well hello there.

I have survived the dreaded tax day both at work and at home.

Yesterday was such a blur and I am still recuperating. I work for a company that has a huge base of tax customers. Two of my queues deal with passwords and updating emails for online customers. A lot of these customers are tax customers so you can just imagine how busy I have been lately – well I have told you all how busy I have been but now you will really understand just how busy I have been (if I told you the name of my company then you would know how EXTREMELY busy I have been). Last year there were 4 of us working my queues. This year it was just me. I usually handle around 400 cases a week. Last week I did some overtime and processed maybe 550. Well yesterday I did 260!!! After that I feel like I don’t have to work for the rest of the week. LOL!

After work I headed home to finish my own taxes. I totally forgot to even eat. Poor DH just kept coming in and checking on me to make sure I was still alive. Sometimes having a home business really does cause a lot of work and frustration but I got everything completed at 11:40pm and realized that there was no way I was going to get to the post office in time. So for the first time – ever – I eFiled. I finished transmitting at 5 minutes until midnight and off to bed I went. Much better than driving around at midnight even if I did have to pay $30.00 to eFile. :-(

Well….it is back to work for me. Want some new music to listen to? Then I would suggest Frou Frou and Imogen Heap which I have been playing over and over. Oh and Phantom Planet (just found them today). I used to be so on top of the music scene (well the music I like anyways) but as I get older I don’t know as much. But I can still surprise DH with what I know about music especially music from the 80’s and 90’s.

April 15, 2006

I bought stuff

Last night after work I stopped by the local scrapbook store. I had a $25.00 off coupon that I wanted to use. The main item I wanted to buy was the Making Memories tag maker. I am excited to use it. I also had some of the other tag making supplies but as my basket filled those items went back on the shelf. I really wanted to buy some more 'Lil Davis flowers but those gals were long gone. Good thing I got one package already. Some of the items I got (The K.I. for instance) I don't know how I am going to use but I really wanted something new. I was super excited to see the undressed BG chipboard hardware as the store has been out of them for awhile.

I told myself before going in that I was NOT going to buy any paper. I have way too much paper as it is and need to use up my stash first. So what is that in the top left? Yep. Paper. I just had to glance at the Basic Grey display and I saw that they had gotten a new order in. Then while looking and pulling and looking and pulling I realized I could not remember what I already had at home so I only got 4 pages. I think only one of them is a duplicate.

So here I sit with all these new things just staring at me and saying 'come play with me' but I have to be a good girl and do grown up things. Like my taxes. Yep. My taxes. So today I will be doing taxes and maybe cleaning a bit. So.......you may not see me for awhile.

April 13, 2006

What purty colors

Today has not been that bad. We decorated Easter cookies for motivation. The only thing they motivated me to do was eat them as I felt like I slacked today. I have been good though and only ate 2 cookies and decorated 6. Then I got home and ate 2 more. Man! This team sure does like to eat!

I am kind of irked though. A good friend and co-worker had surgery yesterday. Another co-worker (M) and I had planned to take her some of the cookies we decorated today. When I got to work I found out that she's called other co-workers to update them on her condition but she did not call me (and she has my personal number). Then I overheard another co-worker talking on the phone and getting directions. When this co-worker said goodbye she told me she was going to take the cookies to our co-worker. I told her that we (M & I) had already planned to take them to her and this gal tells me 'oh well, bye' and leaves with the cookies. So basically, I am out of the loop and feeling really self-conscious about it cause if you don't know it already, I take everything WAY too seriously. And I just know that when my co-worker gets back she is going to bothered that I did not go over to visit or contact her. I tell you....I hate working with women. I need to go back to being the only girl on the team. My days were a lot less stressful.

Today felt more like a Friday so I just know that I will not be in a working mood when I go into work tomorrow. Today took all my energy to just get out of bed.

April 12, 2006

You may want to stay away

I am a mess. It started yesterday with a very painful ear ache. My throat is also sore on the same side as my hurting ear. Today add on a pain on my side (mostly on my back but also in the front) ~ the same side as my ear ache. It hurts to move and even to laugh. The pain on my back is right and a little below where the bra strap is (guys look at a girl to see where that is) and in the front, I feel the pain more in the right side of my stomach. Very weird. Maybe if I had a chair with a back I could actually use I would feel a little better. Right now I have this icky ergonomical (is that the correct spelling?) chair that tilts back so far that my hands don’t reach the keyboard. If I want to type I have to sit at the very edge.

Last night, I worked late and got home around 7:30ish. DH had a friend over so we all watched “A History of Violence”. All I can say is….what did the sex scenes (and full nudity) add? Nothing but eye candy for the guys and many comments from DH’s friend while watching.

We will not even begin to discuss how mad I am today that the stupid car insurance that was supposed to be $183.00 was instead $228.00 and now I have a negative balance and no one seems to care. I called the insurance agent and his response was that since he didn’t personally talk to me there was nothing he could do (he had originally talked to my dad or my dad’s secretary – both of whom are NOT on my account). When I asked him if it were normal for him to change an account by someone that is not even on the account – his response was ‘well maybe we should not do that’. I think what upset me even more was that this guy sounded exactly like the boss in ‘Office Space’. His voice was SO irritating.

Then B gets mad at me because I called him to tell him what happened and not to spend any money and it is his day off. He tells me I am not to give him bad news on his day off. And he says I don’t live in reality. I think I am at my wits end with all of it. I am so angry I cannot stop crying and I am at work!

April 10, 2006

The mojo just...left

This past weekend I was part of an online crop with challenges. The challenges were very specific and I actually found them challenging (go figure). It was hard for me to work on them. In fact there are a total of 12 challenges yet I have only at this time completed one. YEP! Just one! Most of the challenges are sketches and they have to be exact so that is hard.
This one layout I am currently working on has a 'swish'. I think the problem I am having is that my 'swish' is backwards but I am still going to use it as is. This picture is my page so far. I really think it needs something but cannot figure out what. I may put something around (like a border) the white circle. I still need to ink that circle too. I plan on putting the names and where we are along the red 'swish' in my own handwriting (gasp!).

Any ideas on what I can add to this layout? I have to keep the 'swish', the circles and the photo the exact way they are so that it matches the sketch but I think the layout just needs something more. Can you help?

April 7, 2006

Today, it was all about the shoes

The title says it all.

Nothing else needs to be said.

But because I am me, I will always have something to say.

The Chucks were the highlight of my day and I was excited to finally get to wear them. I had tons of compliments ~ even some where I did not have to tell the person to compliment me.

I have not worn Chucks in years and it is funny but I noticed I walk differently when I wear them. It was the same walk I used to have back in high school when I wore them but back then I had no idea they made me walk different. I cannot really explain how my walk is different except to say that it is.

They are slippery and squeak when I walk in them. How do I get rid of that squeak? Well not really a squeak but more of a fart sound when you walk in them. Am I the only one?

April 6, 2006


If I never see another computer screen it would be too soon. So what am I doing online? At home? After 11pm?

I woke up this morning and my eyes were red and oh so tired. They are still tired and red tonight. Since we are getting near tax time (the day I need to have my queues empty) and the one person that was helping me a bit is on vacation, I got approval for some overtime. Boy did I over work today. I am exhausted.

Yet.....here I am at home, back on the computer. I think I am addicted.

Lately, I have been working extra hours each day so that on Fridays I can leave early. So if I had not gotten the OT approval, tomorrow I would normally work say....9am to 2pm. Even though I caught up tons today I probably won't have that many finished by 2pm so I may just stay longer. I am happy that I will have the overtime. I will be less stressed to finish everything in my 8 hours a day (5.5 hrs tomorrow) and plus the little extra money sure would help out. My goal though tomorrow is to see how many I get done by 2pm and if it is a decent amount then I am out of there!

I guess I better get to bed before B yells at me for being up so late. I can barely keep my eyes open and yet I always force myself to stay up late. Why is that I wonder?

April 5, 2006


I don’t know what to write about. I keep trying to post but keep changing my mind about what to post.

Tonight my A$$ will be stuck to the sofa. Not only is LOST on tonight but Amazing Race is now on Wednesday. At first I though that it was at the same time as LOST but since everyone else in the darn US changed their clocks except us, I found out it is actually the hour before LOST.

I guess I am just not in a very good mood today. B decided to yell about the taxes not being done and he just does not get it. We never get a refund unless I claim my home business. He told me today that he was going to take our W2’s to HR Block and that he bet we would get $2000 back (I don’t know what he has against me using Turbo Tax – I have done my own taxes since forever). He just does not understand. Just because his friends or co-workers get that much money back does not mean we will get any money back. We have no kids and do not own a house. I have kind of given up for him to change his way of thinking because he complains about this every year.

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Challenge #1 ~ The Black and White Challenge

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April 4, 2006

Last night...

...we went grocery shopping.

April 3, 2006


Well the weekend of ‘getting it done’ kind of fizzled out. The mosaic above is what I actually did this past weekend. I can tell ya now...it was not much.

Friday started off the weekend with visiting my true love aka Target. I surprised myself by spending no more than $65.00. I put back the scrapbook stuff and then kicked myself later when I ended up needing it.

I got home and filed my nails (good start to the cleaning don’t you think) while watching “Deal or No Deal” (B’s new favorite show). Then I did something I have not done in awhile. I SCRAPPED! As soon as I find my scanner I will scan in my latest layout and share.

Saturday started out pretty well. I got up at a decent time and ran to the bank where I opened a new checking account and found out it was not free. So now I have a checking account but no checks. :-( Then I got tons of quarters (the bank actually shorted me on the rolls) and found out that we are really poor this week. All I can say is that I hope we have enough for rent which is due today. I even went to the scrapbook store but then thought about being poor and left without buying anything.

Once home I decided I would clean (not the room that needed it the most) but the living room. I thought I would start out simple and clean the cleanest room in the house. It was quite dusty and B likes to have his toys out all over. I dusted all the knick knacks and vacuumed (why does he hide stuff under the rug?). It took me quite awhile to clean up a room that was basically clean except for dust. Then I picked up the kitchen a bit (cleared off the counter etc). Then B came home and that is where my cleaning stopped. For some reason I cannot clean when he is there and for some reason he expects all cleaning to be done before he gets home. It makes me feel like a kid and I don’t like that. B’s comment when he saw the clean living room was that he had planned to clean it on Sunday. Well…. that is fine since it was mostly his stuff all over but did he decide to pick up anything else instead? Nope.

Sunday was quite the lazy day. We watched a couple of movies and that is basically it.

I decided to re-join FlyLady (thank you Amber). Hopefully this time I will actually make a control journal. I think what I find hard about FlyLady is not the reminders or anything else she sends out but that it is hard to adapt to those of us that work outside of the home. I am going to have to adjust mostly everything so that it works for me. I usually save all my cleaning and errands for the weekends as I only have a couple of hours after work to do things. It will be hard to not save everything to do on the weekends but I am sure I can do it.

As for today (Monday), I am actually in the mood to work however both my wrists are killing me and my databases keep going down. I guess maybe that is a sign that I need to go home?

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