October 25, 2006

Okay...so he really did not lie

Well….it rained yesterday but just a bit.

Except for my wet car at the end of the day I would have to say that it still did NOT rain. I say that, ‘cause I did not “see” it rain. LOL! It rained right before I left work to head home. I guess it rained quite a bit too because some of the streets were flooded. Want to scare yourself? Drive down a dark street that has water across the road and don’t put on your brakes. Yep! Pretty scary stuff. Especially when you cannot see the water. I always make it a habit of breaking as I drive past each street but sometimes I don’t want to look like a weirdo, you know? This city is definitely not made for rain. If you visit and it rains, remember you can only drive down the middle of the road ~ Unless the entire road is flooded. Then you just need to float. :) I am still waiting for the cold weather we were promised. I still cannot wear a sweater yet.

Tonight is a good night to plant my butt in front of the TV. First there is Jericho. Anybody else out there watching too? I really do like this show and it has a lot of secret stuff. It keeps you guessing.

Then there is LOST. I don’t know yet about this 3rd season but I will stick with it for now. I guess I just want the show to move faster than it is.

After LOST, there is The Nine. So far it is okay but I have to give it a couple more shows to make a decision on if I will keep watching it.

October 24, 2006

The Weather Man lied

It was supposed to rain today.

It was supposed to be chilly today too.

It is neither of these things.

Sure there are clouds outside. Lots of them and they are not all white but they are so billowy and the sky so blue they look like they are from a Simpson’s cartoon. It is HOT outside too. Those clouds sure are not doing a very good job at hiding the bright sun either. I guess I am just impatient for winter weather to get here. My winter clothes are just so much better looking than what I wear during the summer. LOL!

On my way into work this morning I stopped off and bought my copy of The Black Parade. I have to say that I hear a lot of Pink Floyd, Queen and even a Kiss riff on there. I guess they really want to appeal to us older folks.

I told B about buying it. Actually I said "I bought a CD." He knew exactly which one I bought. I have a feeling that I will not be seeing this album any time soon once I bring it home and it disappears into the towers and since he doesn't like to share the CD player I will have to listen to just the songs he likes. For I assure you….he will like this album.

October 23, 2006

The Black Parade is coming

I am really looking forward to tomorrow (Tuesday). But just don't tell B because he will tease me. Tomorrow is the release of the new My Chemical Romance album. I am listening to it now at The Black Parade.

Quite different.

I like it. Well what I have heard so far. Even if it does sound a lot more mainstream. Heck their B-side sounds like a Christmas song at the beginning.

I have a feeling that my weekly Last.fm chart is going to show an over abundance of MCR in the upcoming weeks. Not that this will be any different than any other week. I really do try not to listen to MCR too much but I guess since I have more songs (like entire albums) from MCR on my iTunes it gets heavy rotation. So I guess I am not REALLY all that obsessed. I mean I could listen to an entire album for any artist and it will show as the most played artist for the week. So last week's total of 10 plays is not that bad. Right?

It is so sad that the only thing I have to look forward to is the release of a new album. LOL!

October 18, 2006

How about a video?

Have you seen this?

I really really like this video. Very clever! It is all done in one take too. Can you imagine the rehearsals? They sure are better on these treadmills than I ever have been. I have problems just walking on the things. LOL!

October 16, 2006

Last week in review...

Last Monday ~

I think that Enterprise has redeemed itself.

I now only feel that the service at the airport location sucks! I drove the Taurus to the Enterprise location I originally got the Malibu from and they were appalled that I was given a Taurus. I guess the Taurus is the lowest level and was not an equal exchange to the Malibu. So the lovely ladies put me in a Dodge Stratus. Let me just say….I LOVED THIS CAR!!! even though I only got to drive it a couple of days. The one thing I absolutely loved about having to rent a car is that I got to try different ones. I never have that opportunity as I only drive the cars I end up buying or borrowing from my Dad.

Last Tuesday ~

Not a very good day. Lots of stress about money and the darn car.

Last Wednesday ~

So let’s talk about music. I was on a mission to listen to something new last week and I ‘think’ I may have done it. Although there does seem to be a lot of the same groups showing up. Maybe that is because no one left me any suggestions. :(

Last Thursday ~

B’s brother & family are moving to Japan. My sister-in-law and the girls stopped by on their way out of town to say goodbye. We went over to the in-laws for few hours and ended up watching a movie as well. The girls are just too cute! The two oldest girls we had seen a couple of months earlier and it was good to see them again. I really don’t know the younger ones as well since we don’t see them as often. All four girls have such different personalities. I of course took a lot of pictures but mostly of the younger ones. I would have loved to take more of all of them but the older girls were not in the mood. It was late, so I could not blame them. This one here is our actress. She posed for every shot.

Last Friday ~

The Honda came home! I dropped off the rental and went to pick up my car. I am now only $507.00 poorer.

The Honda was filthy, so I stopped by to get it washed. I only wanted the cheap wash to get off the dust and wipe down the dashboard. I know that $7.99 does not get you much but they did not even wipe down the dashboard. The manager told me that they only do ‘general dusting’ but I guess by ‘general dusting’ they mean NOTHING! Even the outside of the car sucked! It was still dirty. I will never go back to Simoniz again. The manager did not even care when I told him that I would tell others about my experience.

Then, I bought The Club for the car. If someone is going to try to take my car again I want to make it more of a hassle. Now if I can only get B to use the darn thing I will feel that my money is well spent. With our luck he will forget to use it and someone will steal that AND the car.

I got to work really late and since I did not feel like working on another Saturday, I worked until 8:15pm! I was the only one there! It is a lot spookier working alone late at night than during the day. Especially when someone (I think security) just popped their head in the door and asked if anyone was still there.

Last Saturday ~

I cleaned the litter box. Ewwww~!

Sunday aka yesterday ~

Last day of the weekend so of course I had to get all the necessary stuff finished. Yeah...did not do it all. I Did some laundry and even went grocery shopping. Came home and watched trashy TV aka Desperate Housewives (one of B's favorite).

Monday aka Today ~

Work was okay. I really was not in the mood to be there but after work was even better. Tonight I met some old friends for dinner. We met at 7pm but did not leave the restaurant until 9:30pm. Talk about a lot of catching up to do.

Why does the day always drag when you are looking forward to the evening?

October 11, 2006

I need a change

Hmmmm. I really do seem to be in a music rut at the moment.

Of course all the music that gets tracked to Last.fm is just the music I have on my work computer so it really does not represent all that I have but dang……I need to stop listening to the same stuff at work!!!

I had huge goals of converting all my Vinyl and cassettes to CD’s but I have been too lazy to convert all of that music. Plus it is really hard to take a CD of B’s and bring it to work. He knows before even looking when a CD (even mine) goes missing out of the tower. Well that is if the darn CD is actually in the tower. We have one of those large CD players that hold hundreds of CD’s. So if I want to borrow a CD I need to ask him to get it for me as he has them in his own specific order. Men! LOL! We will not even discuss the organization of the darn CD tower.

So I have been on the prowl for some different music to listen to. Music just for me ‘cause B does not like the same stuff I do. That is ‘cause I am cool and he is not!! LOL!

So do any of you have any suggestions for some new music for me to listen to?

October 10, 2006

Anyone want to steal my car?

…cause I no longer want it.

It appears that there is damage starting at $500 because there was a donut on the car when it was stolen. Because I did not write down the exact mileage on my car the moment I got out of it, right before it was stolen – insurance will not cover it. Who writes down their mileage every time they get out of their car – just in case?

So not only do I have to pay to fix the bearings on this car, I have to pay to fix all damage as it is less than my deductible. I have no money for groceries much less to pay for the damage done to my car. I am now ticked that it was even found! So from the information I am getting we are talking about $1000.00 to fix this car and $2500.00 + to fix our other car. I doubt we will get a car that works at all anytime soon and we will have to return this rental car very very soon. If I have no car then I cannot work and I am not looking forward to quitting my job!

I told my dad that I don’t want the car to be fixed because I cannot afford it and now he is mad at me. When will he understand that I just don’t have the money?? He just does not get it. :(

October 8, 2006

From Malibu to crappy poo!

I finally got a call back from the manager at the Enterprise location I had called. He asked me how long I would be at work and then told me he was going to bring me a new car.

Well.....I should have just drove the first rental with the stolen plate.

Our original rental was a 2006 Chevy Malibu (the one on the left). I had never driven a Malibu and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I did not like the headrest as it hit at the back of my head because I am so darn short but that was definitely overlooked as this car was awesome. It just felt new and I felt very comfortable driving it. I actually would not mind getting one of these.

So fast forward to the Enterprise manager bringing me a new car.

We went from the lovely Malibu to that piece of crappy poo, ummm I mean 2006 Ford Taurus over there. -->

This car stinks! Literally! It has a weird smell and the radio does not work! I have to push the seat forward so far that my head hits the roof of the car on the sunvisor. This car just feels so old!!! It creaks and makes weird noises and the engine is LOUD! I do not feel comfortable in this car at all. I told B that it was his turn to call the rental company so I think on Monday he is going to tell them to bring us another car.

October 7, 2006

Enterprise Rent-a-Car sucks!!!

We are renting a car from then and they screwed up big time!!!

I am here alone at work. The rental car is the only car in the parking lot. The cops were just here and ran the plates on the car. It appears that the rental car has stolen plates!!! The cop told me that if I drove the car with the plates I would get pulled over with guns drawn. SO he took off the plate. He told me he was supposed to keep it but gave it back to me. The cop told me to make Enterprise come and fix it. I agreed. He also told me to tear them a new one (LOL!).

So I call Enterprise. There is only one location in the entire city open today. All other places are closed. I had to call all the phone numbers listed for the company until I finally found one that was open. I told them what happened. They tell me that they don’t want to leave their location at this time. So what happened to “We will come and pick you up?” The gal at Enterprise told me that if I wanted to get this issue fixed that I needed to bring the car to them because they would not come out. This sucks! This is crappy service! I told her that and she said “Yes, I understand. We are open until 11pm. Thanks for calling.” I will NOT be the one to fix their screw-up!

I called back to speak to a manager and the same gal told me that I could not speak to one and had to wait for a call back. I wonder what he will say when he calls me back.

October 6, 2006

It is 6:30 on a Friday night...

…and I am back at work.

I was barely at work today for 30 minutes when I get a call from B’s work that he is having black outs.

A couple of years ago B had a problem with cluster migraines and for the past week they seem to be coming back. So I left work to pick him up and off to the Emergency Room we went.

The Emergency Room we went to was weird. There is NO one there to talk to when you walk in. You have to fill out a piece of paper and leave it in a tray until someone walks out and picks it up. I think our paper was there for about 15 minutes or so before someone took it and the only reason they took it was because a lady came in with someone that was bleeding and had to bang on the window. She finally got someone to come to the window and when they took her paper, they took ours as well. You get more service at an Urgent care or basically any where else you might go. The only directions posted said to fill out form and place in tray. Everyone that came in was as confused as we were so we were all in the same boat.

We were there for about 30 minutes before they called B back to be examined. I had to wait in the waiting room. We were probably there a total of 2 hours or so. We left and then dropped off his RX. I took him to get lunch and then took him home. I then went back to get the RX, took it home and now I am back at work. I don’t know how long I will be here but I am already tired. I will have to come in on Saturday as well but did not want to have to work all day Saturday, so here I am.

Well, I better get to work.

October 4, 2006

What was once gone, is back again

Well except for the pool cue and whatever was in the trunk (rugs and towels I think).

Yep! That’s right! The Honda is back!

We received a call yesterday that it had been found. It was parked in the last spot in the very back of an apartment complex in Crackville. Someone had called it in because it had been sitting there awhile. If no one had called it in, I don’t think it would have ever been found. The car was about one-two miles away from our place. I guess it is a good thing that gas is so expensive as the car was on empty (which was how it was when it was stolen) and it did not get very far. I still don’t understand why our car was taken as there are so many more expensive cars in our parking lot. Even today, I was parked next to a Honda that had a CD player in plain view right on the seat. Our car had nothing like this.

Yesterday was pretty stressful for me. The police did not call me. They called my Dad. My Dad called me and we went to get the car. There were no police and nothing was fingerprinted. I was pretty concerned about it. So when I finally got home from driving the car to the mechanic, I called the police. Then while waiting for a call back, I find out from my Dad that the police were actually there and he had been to the car even before I was called. I was ticked! I was ticked that I was not called and was not even given the chance to ask the police any questions. Plus there were items in the car that did to belong to us that could have been fingerprinted. The detective called me back and stated that he would send someone over to the mechanic to fingerprint the vehicle. He told me that there was a conflict between officers that some felt fingerprinting was useless and some thought everything should be fingerprinted.

We were a little bummed actually that it was found. The insurance company was already planning to pay out on the claim and we had been looking at cars. Well actually my Dad had been looking at cars. Now, since the car has been found we will owe $500.00 which we don’t have.
Now we just need to find a car to replace the icky car and we will be on our way to better days.

I won…..again!

This time though it was a posting contest at the ScrappinDeals message board. I really like this board. It is small but cozy. The girls are great! I did not realize that I chatted so much this past month. WOW!

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