September 29, 2008

Kind of out of the loop

Is it good or bad that I have not read my email in weeks? I wonder if there is anything important in there? I have a feeling that I have forgotten something but am afraid to find out if it is true so I just stay away. Plus, I read so much at work that when I get home and I am on the computer I don't even want to do anything close to reading. I find that I do things that don't require a lot of mind power.

Even though the weekend just ended I am looking forward to having a day off from work on Tuesday (tomorrow). I just have to go to a teeny tiny little doctor visit and then my day is free. I plan to spend part of it watching Iron Man on Blu-Ray. The hubby said it was good. I can't wait.

September 27, 2008

Saturday surprise

Today I have planned a surprise. Well I think it is a surprise. I hope that the hubby thinks it is one too because the surprise is kind of for him. I need to pick up the surprise between 10-3pm. Since it is now 11 o'clock I guess I had better get my butt in gear and go run that errand!

You is our 11th anniversary. As a surprise I ordered a cake from the cakery that made our wedding cake. When we got married the cake we ordered came with a free first anniversary cake. Basically the top layer/tier of the wedding cake (you know the part you are supposed to freeze and eat on your 1-year anniversary). They normally don't sell those but I called them and they said they would do it. It was such a yummy cake too. I hope it tastes as good as we remember.

On a side note....I have also started posting again to my photo blog. That way those of you that want to see my challenge photos but do not like Flickr don't have to go to Flickr. Plus I think the photos look better on the blog background.

September 18, 2008


Lately I seem to just be behind. Behind in doing basically everything. I cannot pinpoint the reason really. Maybe because the sun is starting to set earlier and that makes me feel like I am running out of time. I cannot even say what it is that I am doing that is taking up all my time. Because...I really don't know. I am getting nothing accomplished. I have not even eaten dinner the past couple of days. By the time I think about is too late and I need to get to bed.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. But only to rest and catch up on sleep. I guess I should clean or do grown-up stuff though. But what fun is there in that?

September 7, 2008

Right outside my door

We were pretty excited to see this vine growing up the trellis. Growing up in the desert I don't see very much green and I had vision of this growing up along the trellis and therefore transporting me to a different place. Well in my head at least.

When the owner was asked if he knew what kind of vine it was, he told us it was Morning Glory. Supposedly Morning Glory is illegal in this state since they grow super fast and basically take over. This vine is already to the roof and has only been growing a few weeks. There are others that are just starting as well.

So since he has threatened to tear it down and poison the area I thought I had better take a picture before it was gone. So much for my dream of an "ivy" covered trellis.

Does anyone know how long it takes before they grow flowers?

September 6, 2008



[day 4]

There are so many lovely things right outside my front door.

Just like the real thing. Not!

Just like the real thing. Not!

[day 3]

I am not a big jellybean person. But I have been known to buy me some Jelly Belly's every so often. Then I secretly pick out my favorites and leave the rest for the hubby. Don't feel so bad for the hubby. I know he does the same thing.

I came across these at the store. They are supposed to be ice cream flavored. Yeah.......I will NOT be buying these again any time soon.

The art of war

The art of war.

[day 2]

The nephew attempted to teach grandma (mom) how to play war. Again.

Sometimes you really cannot teach the older set (do you like how I worded that?) new tricks. LOL!

Of course it did not help that she was speaking to me when he plunked the cards down for an impromptu game with only the barest of explanation. But then again, it does make it a lot more fun that way.

September 5, 2008

Feeling older than I am

I don't know what I did but it sure does hurt.

I was fine all day until after I got home. I laid on my back on the bed for a bit and fell asleep for probably no longer than 30 minutes. When I got up I felt fine but just a bit achey, which is pretty much the norm for me. B and I were going to go grocery shopping so I slipped on my shoes and off we went.

The pain I feel is in my right leg and is pretty sharp. It hurts right where the leg is attached to the rest of my body. The pain happens when I turn my leg or even lift it a couple of inches.

I noticed it a bit when I was trying to get into the car (I was driving). I could barely lift my leg to get it into the car. It bothered me a bit while I was shopping but I just kept on walking and hoping I would walk it off. It really hurt when I was trying to get back in the car after shopping. Try getting in a lowered car without bending your leg. Then I realized that I could not even lift it to step on the brake (oh that was fun). Good thing I did not have far to drive.

We stopped at one other store (where I parked on an incline). When I tried to get back in the car, I really had to lean back and almost felt as though I would fall backwards. Once home, I took the flip-flop off from my left foot but then could not get the shoe off my right foot because I could not lift it the couple of inches in order to do so.

I already have problems with pain in my left foot and heel, and now I have this new fun thing to deal with.

Basically I am a mess. I am unable to walk. I am unable to drive and you should see me try to get dressed (or undressed). I hope that when I wake up in the morning the pain will be all gone. Keep your fingers crossed.

September 2, 2008

And so it begins....again

And so it begins.....again     [day 1/week 1]

After the completion of 365 Days, I had thought of possibly doing another 365 project but knew that it would be a bit hard due to all I have upcoming this year.

I almost decided to do another 365 Days of self-portraits but after taking 101 pictures of myself (outside in the heat) and then spending forever trying to edit said pictures, I decided that something less stressful was in order.

So due to the fact that I want to expand my horizons and not just photograph myself and due in part to the gentle persuasion of "DO IT" from lastyearsgirl_ here's to the start of another wonderful year.

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