April 26, 2009

And so another weekend comes to an end

How can it be Sunday night already? I have not even had a chance to do anything this weekend.

On Saturday the husband and I went out to look at houses. Lets just say there are some scary houses out there. Then there are some awesome looking houses but either they are out of our price range, already under contract or a short sale. Pretty much all the available houses for sale in our price range are short sales. It is really frustrating.

We looked at 6 houses yesterday (with the Broker). I think there were only 6. I know we stopped at others that we noticed along the way that happened to have a key box. One house looked amazing online but when we went to look at it we just drove right on past it because the neighborhood was terrible. The Broker did not even want to stop. Think really old run down neighborhood with just one newly built house sticking out like a sore thumb.

There was one house we looked at that was in a nice neighborhood but the house was in bad bad shape (on the inside). The Realtor (owner) stated that no info would be given as to what was wrong with the house. We are thinking water/electrical damage as it needs a permit in order to get the electrical turned on (it was not on when we stopped by) The husband loved it. It just gave me the creeps. There was just something about it that really freaked me out.

After a full day we went home and got online to look some more. We found a new posting in our neighborhood and so we drove over to check out the outside. It was a cute house. It needs work but the neighborhood was nice and it would fix up really nice. So that would make 7 houses and a super full day.

Then today after the husband got off of work we met with the Broker and got to see the inside of the cute house. It is definitely a fixer-upper but we loved it. Only problem is that it is a short sale. Frustrating!

We then drove thru a few neighborhoods that we knew had houses for sale and then back home to look (yet again) online. We left again and took a drive a bit further out and found a house that looks promising. I really don't want to live in the neighborhood but the house is nice and the price is right. Plus it is NOT a short sale. When we drove up to the house there was already a young couple there looking at it. I think the gal got a bit anxious that we were also looking at the house. She kept stating how she REALLY wanted it and there was room for all FOUR of their vehicles. So it looks like there may be some competition there. I meet with the Broker tomorrow after work to check out the inside. Keep your fingers crossed!

So...This has been me the last few days. Just imagine me without the smile and when I am not the one at the laptop, the husband is.


And to think that my original plan this weekend was to scrap.

April 16, 2009

Taxes Smaxes

So did you get your taxes done?

I think this may be the first year since I have been married that I have completed (and filed) my taxes BEFORE the due date. It was so nice not to have to stress about getting them done in time for me to drive to the main post office at midnight. It had become a bit of a tradition with me. Nothing says getting your taxes done than driving to the only post office in town that is open and handing your sealed envelopes to the clerk on the street. This year, the 15th felt like any other day. Of course it is easier to feel that way now, especially since I no longer work for the company that makes the most popular tax software.

The other day I finally finished uploading my Project 365 photos for the month of January. Now that I can actually download photos from my camera onto my new computer maybe I can get even more caught up. I still have not scrapped any of them. I started to gather supplies for the first page but I soon got overwhelmed. I think I am thinking too much about making it perfect instead of just scrapping.

January 2009  [project 365]

April 15, 2009

A house hunting we will go

What is up with all the porno comments lately? Argh! I guess I better start thinking of some better content. LOL!

I have been trying to post for the last few days but so many issues have kept me away. My new laptop is making me a bit unhappy at the moment in that it has not been letting me access the Internets in the way I would like. Of course it could be the darn cable company that is causing my frustration. I have not yet decided which one to blame.

Today the hubs and I did something that we have never done. We have always planned to eventually buy a house (in the far off future) but with the first time home buyers credit expiring in December, my Dad has put the buzz in our ear. So today we went and looked at a little property that is for sale nearby. It is an older home and will need some work. Lots of pluses but also some minuses. The place is huge but the kitchen is so tiny you cannot even fit a fridge in it (it is in an adjoining room). It has been on the market for over 6 months but that may be because it sits just behind both a strip club and adult bookstore (now that should make for some interesting web searches), hence no street parking allowed at night. Well I think that is the reason. I would prefer a more move-in ready home and preferably one not so close to an adult entertainment establishment but we really want a place that is close to work. I did take my camera with me but since I cannot use my Canon on Vista 64 (stupid) I cannot share them. So here are some from the web.

The front of the house. Well you really cannot see it but look at all those trees!! How cool is that garbage can?

The kitchen. What you see is what you get. Yep. That's all of it. See...no room for a fridge. No room really for anything at all.

Oh wait...I got the camera to work. Found a hack online. I guess I really didn't take all that many photos. So here are a few unedited ones.
The house has tons of trees. I love them. Bry hates them. Lots of rose bushes and flowers. There are HUGE grapevines in the backyard and tons of mature trees. Then there is the scary attic opening in the garage. Creepy.


April 3, 2009


I have been thinking about Time a lot this past week. I have wanted to post about so many things but time got away from me in that I thought about it too much and never got around to doing it.

Earlier this week, I got a call from the State Department. Basically they called to tell me that I am still behind in submitting my cases. Considering that the work was over 2-years behind BEFORE I was hired and as I slowly teach myself, the cases continue to pile up. They keep saying they understand, they know that the situation we are in has nothing to do with me and that I have no help, but yet they keep on calling and telling me to work faster. And here I was feeling proud of myself for the progress I had made. Although I don't think I will have the time I need to reach the goal I made last year BEFORE I even knew what I was doing.

Shortly after my phone call the manager of the records side comes over to tell me they have no time to pull my charts and if I could wait a week. Umm no. I told her that if she wanted to write an email to my manager and explain why I had nothing to work on this week then I was fine with it. Funny how whenever I mention my manager's name people freak out.

Tomorrow I will see people that I have not seen in over 20-years. I am excited but yet a bit apprehensive. It's a group of people that I went to school with although they are not any that I spent time with. Well not in high school anyways. It should be interesting.

Next week is the anniversary of my Uncle's passing. I cannot believe that it has been 2-years. Oh how I miss him.

So as you can see....Time has been on my mind lately.

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