February 28, 2011

Soon to arrive... I hope

It took years but the husband and I finally found a painting that we both like.

What is even cooler is that his parents bought it for us for Christmas. I can't wait to see it hanging on the wall behind the sofa.

Well...that is if it ever arrives.

February 15, 2011

Spumoni {ripple}

At work my desk is situated directly under the A/C vent. At times (read everyday) it can get quite cold. Especially since it is usually set to 55 degrees. To try and keep warm I usually wear a sweater (even in summer) and more recently a fleece blanket to try to keep warm. If that doesn't work I then go and adjust the thermostat. This past Friday I walked over to the thermostat to find that it had been drilled closed with no option available to adjust the temperature.

Since my bones are not getting any younger I decided I would whip myself up a small lap-sized ripple blanket.

I had future plans to make this blanket but had not yet planned exactly what I was going to use (yarn-wise & color-wise) on it. But I wanted to finish the blanket as quickly as I could, so I went to the craft store to buy whatever inexpensive yarn I happened to come across. I wanted something that I would not mind leaving on the back of my work chair overnight. I debated way too long over colors and in the end just threw a few into the basket. Ummm... I am not too sure about my choices. Even the husband thinks the colors are weird. I think it kind of looks like Spumoni (which I think is yummy) so I decided to keep it. At least I probably won't have to worry about anyone taking off with it. Well that is if I actually finish it. My track record when it comes to finished projects is pretty bad.

Spumoni {ripple}

February 10, 2011

slowly but surely

Slowly but surely I am uploading all my photos from last year's (as in 2010) daily photo project. Only 179 photos left to go....

April 2010

May 2010

June 2010

February 2, 2011

Is it really only Wednesday?

January 29, 2010: Reflections of study

Monday night against my better judgment I installed a Windows update. Everything seemed fine which totally surprised me. You see I have had problems before with installing Windows updates and have vowed to never install them again. But I noticed that the last update I installed was back in 2009. So I thought "Why not"?

Big. Mistake.

I woke up sick on Tuesday so I turned on the computer to let my boss know that I would not be in to work. I was greeted by a screen that was a lovely shade of blue. Not! Start-up repair failed, System restore points could not be found, and neither could the last good configuration. I realized that I would probably need to reinstall Windows. I had my files backed up, well most of them. The most recent files were not on the backup. I walked away from the computer to try to come to grips with having to lose my most recent photos, music etc. Plus I just didn't feel like dealing with it at the time.

I am glad I didn't just reinstall right away. I was able to start the computer in Safe Mode and backup my most current files. I was also able to uninstall the Windows updates. Go me!

I restarted the computer and it booted right up. Yay! Except now I get random errors that are probably from missing files etc. Looks like I will probably need to reinstall Windows after all.

So how has your week been?

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