June 30, 2005

A Good Friend

Who says I am not a good friend?

June 28, 2005


Yep. That's right. Short-timers. I got it and I got it bad! My vacation starts on Saturday and I so do not want to be here!

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make the work day go by any faster?

June 24, 2005

Me at work

It is me at work! (well at least I think it is me)

Why must all photos of me be of my rear? Man! I am short! No wonder people ignore me when I try to order food at the work cafeteria.

June 21, 2005

Car-pooling Shmooling! Part IV

Well this morning who should be waiting for me out by my car but carpool guy. The first comment he made was 'I sure hope your car has A/C' Well that was a big No. The A/C has gone out in the newer car and was disconnected (on purpose) in the devil car. He sort of freaked about the fact that the windows would be down and his hair would get messed up. He kept saying he was not vain but he talked about his hair (and even checked it in the mirror) multiple times during the drive.

The impression I get of him is that he likes to see what he can get from people. He found out hubby worked at a store that sold plumbing supplies. So he asked if hubby can fix his disposal. Hubby is not a plumber. He asked if I had a certain kind of software on my system and was disappointed that I did not have anything that he did not already have (namely something that was not free to download).

Today I find out if I got my new position. I am thinking that I did not as I bombed the interview. When carpool guy got out of the car his last words were 'Not to be mean but I hope you don't get the job as I don't want your schedule to change.' Nice eh?

June 20, 2005

Car-pooling Shmooling! Part III

I got to work this morning and while walking passed the smoking area I could hear that guy that I was supposed to car pool with. Since I was walking thru the parking lot I do not think he saw me. I did not even look his way. How can I tell him that I did not appreciate him blowing me off and not stumble over my words? I have such a problem knowing the right words to say until it is too late. This is the first time that I have seen him since he did not show up. I did not see or hear him (he is quite loud) at all last week.

Okay....fast forward to this afternoon. I ran into him in the break room. He asked me what happened and I told him that he stood me up! He claims he was waiting but I don't see how as the time he told me was the time I was out there. I wanted it to be over with, to end right there but I heard myself agreeing to him saying 'well tomorrow, I will be there, don't worry'. So I guess the carpooling (Stef's taxi service) is back in business. I am such a putz.

A night at the ballpark

On Friday night B and I went to the baseball game. Hubby's boss has season sky box tickets. B does not really care for sports but wanted to go and experience the skybox. I like baseball but also wanted to sit where the rich people sit. :-)

This trip to the ballpark was quite different for me. I have been many times before and I have sat in many different sections. This time we never even stepped foot on the concourse. As soon as we entered the park we took a sharp turn and went up the back stairs that took us to the skybox suites. We entered the air-conditioned room and helped ourselves to some free food. After eating we went outside to watch the game.

After the game there was a man working on breaking a world record with hitting the most golf balls in three minutes. I have never seen anyone swing their arm/shoulder so fast! It was also fireworks night and I am a sucker for fireworks. B used to set them off at the country club every 4th of July. He does not do that anymore and I really miss it. There is nothing like sitting right below a fireworks display. Just don't wear anything you would not mind getting burned. I got to play with the digital and take photos of the fireworks. I like them but I think I almost prefer my film camera for fireworks shots. I really need to get caught up on my scrapping so I can start scrapping these current pics.

Photos (clockwise): B eating (free food always takes the best); Our view of the field from the sky box; Me (gotta teach hubby to take better photos); The view of the rest of the sky boxes from our sky box.

And here are some more fireworks shots.

June 16, 2005

Is knitting a drug?

I was sent this link today and we have been having a lot of fun with it at work. I did a search for my website and I think the results are the funniest thing! I guess knitting is just another word for Drug Deala! LOL! (click on the photos to make them bigger)

Okay! I was just sent this other link. You too can translate into Redneck, Engrish, Pirate, PigLatin and Jessica! Oh! and Jacko too!

June 15, 2005


Well....I did not get the job. My friend did so that is a good thing. He was told this afternoon and although he is not supposed to talk about it, he told me. I wish him the best. I guess it is back to the phones for me. I am expecting to be told and given my feedback tomorrow. I knew I bombed the interview. I always do. :-(

UPDATE: Okay....maybe not so sad. It appears that said friend is just getting back at me for putting a 'kick me' sign on his back yesterday (photo to come soon). Let's just hope that he is not joking about joking. :-)

June 14, 2005

Car-pooling Shmooling! Part II

All day yesterday I never saw the guy that was supposed to carpool with me. I did run into one of his supervisors who told me that he thought the guy was here but actually was supposed to have the day off. Finding out that he had planned to have the day off really bugged me as he made a big deal about the carpool (Stef's taxi service) starting on Monday.

This just added to what turned out to be a Monday. I was late to work. I had an interview (I so hate those) that I know I bombed. I had no money, no debit card so I had no breakfast or lunch. Oh wait....lunch was 2 big glasses of ice tea and a bag of microwave popcorn that I had to guard because everyone came over to eat it. Since there was no point in clocking out for an hour lunch just for a bag of popcorn, I left work early a little after 4pm.

I had wanted to stop by the new yarn store but they close at 5pm. I wanted to have money on hand first so I drove home and then back to the store. I got there about 4:45pm. I am so happy to have such a nice little store so close to my house. The owner is the nicest lady and gave me the layout of the store and some other info. The prices are what I have seen at other small shops but the sticker shock still gets to me. I did not have any of my patterns so I just looked around. I was excited to see some of these yarns as I had only seen them online. It was nice to see them in person.

I had planned to come straight back home but B wanted beer so off to the grocery store I went. It was hot!!! Our Honda had the air go out so I was driving around with the windows down and wearing my interview clothes. By the time I got home I was dying and had to jump into the shower to cool off. We had a nice quiet night watching Hell's Kitchen. Since B used to be a chef he is really into watching this show. I think it is funny and cute that he has a show that he wants to watch regularly. He gave up box seats at the ball game to watch this show. Heck! Who am I kidding the guy hates sports so giving up the box seats was no big deal. *Ü*

And now on to part II of my carpooling (Stef's taxi service) story (it is about time right?).....

This morning I waited in my car until 7:40. The guy did not show up. I left. If I do see him today I will tell him that this is just not going to work out. I will try not to be my usual self and stress about it.

Thank you to all that commented on my previous post.

June 13, 2005

Car-pooling Shmooling!

I don't carpool to my job. It is so far away and my hours are different each day that it is difficult to plan. I am one that likes to be able to do my grocery shopping on the way home or stop off somewhere. I would not be able to do that if I carpooled. Heck! I just like being alone in the car before and after work. It is my time to unwind. When B and I only had one car I hated having to have him drive me. I use my drive time to unwind after work so I don't lose it when I get home. With B in the car - I never got to unwind. He hates rush hour traffic with a passion and the ride home was always more stressful to me than a whole day at work.

About a month ago as I was getting out of my car at home, there was a guy I had just met the week before at work. He was a newer employee in a different department. I saw him again when he moved into the complex this month. He was outside smoking at work one morning when I came in and asked what time I got to work. I told him 8-ish. His shift started at 8:30. He was currently catching the bus at 5:30am. He said it would be good if we carpooled. I thought about it and since I am not on the phones and do not have a set schedule (one day I leave at 7pm the other I leave at 3pm) and told him that it would not work for the evening but maybe the mornings. Every time I saw him he brought up the carpooling. Each time he asked for my apartment number (he forgot it each time). He had a pool party yesterday and I talked to him then about what time I leave. Since I did not want to disturb hubby by having this guy come to the apartment and wait for me, I told him to wait out by my car. I told him I leave at 7:30/7:35am. I told him to just wait for me and I would come running out because I am usually running late. This morning I ran out to my car around 7:40. He was not in the lot. I sat in my car and waited. I then drove to the front and side parking lots but he was not there. I drove back to the parking lot I use and waited a bit. By 8:55 I had to go. So I left. I feel bad because this guy's shift starts at 8:30 and since he is on the phones they are pretty strict. But I got to work late because of this. I got here at 8:15. Granted this is not too bad for me but today my boss came in early (8am instead of 11am) to meet with me. I now have to stay late tonight to make up for this morning. I am hungry but I don't want to leave my cube in case I run into this guy and he is angry. My personality is such that I cannot handle when people are angry at me. I have an interview this morning and really don't need the stress.

So what do you think I should tell him? Should we try again tomorrow? Was I wrong in leaving without him? I don't know the rules of carpooling, so was I supposed to be late for my shift to wait for this guy?

June 12, 2005

The end of a not so busy weekend

My busy weekend starting coming to a screeching halt before meeting my sister for breakfast. As I was walking out the door I was hit with a headache. I did not know if it was because my hair was back too tight or if I was hungry. It was good meeting up with my sister even though we talked about upsetting and disturbing things. I wish my sister did not live in San Diego. I wish she was back here at home. I wish I knew how to be a big sister. Since we did not live together growing up, it is hard for me to know how and when to be the 'big' sister. I never had a sister growing up, just a brother. I met my birth family when I was 18, my sister was just 6/7 years old.

This is my sister Zandra. Isn't she pretty?

After breakfast I came straight home and passed out with some Advil. I never got to the library, I never mopped my floors and did not even make it to the new yarn store. I almost made it to the yarn store but since I was going to celebrate the twins first birthday I decided to try to get rid of the headache.

I cannot believe the twins are one year old already. I have not scrapped a single picture of them yet. I need to get busy. My brother managed to smoosh their faces in the cake to get them messy but they preferred eating the watermelon and honeydew to eating any cake. The cake was just to play with as you can see.

Anna & Ducky. Chocolate and Honeydew. YUM!

Sunday, B and I spent the afternoon together. We went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I don't care what the critics say. I really liked this movie. Afterwards we went out for lunch at Applebee's. Then it was home to veg out. B played his new game and I read and napped. Can you say lazy?

I guess in the end my weekend still was kind of busy. I actually got my butt out of the house which for me seems to be rare. The older I get the more I want to just stay home.

June 11, 2005

It's the start of a busy weekend

Well it is Saturday. I am supposed to be busy today. In fact I am supposed to meet my sister for breakfast at 10am but she has not called me yet. Well I have not called her either. *Ü* In fact I am not even dressed and what am I doing on this darn computer - and blogging even! Sheesh! I am such a procrastinator!

June 10, 2005

...and now for the giant fuzz ball

This is my Homespun shawl. Finally a picture! I am almost finished with it but it is really hard to see how large it is. I am thinking I may add one more round just to be on the safe side. I started out knitting it on straight needles but switched over to circulars. I am really liking the circulars. :-)

One of my biggest fears with knitting or even crocheting a wearable is that it won't fit. Maybe that is why I have not finished it yet. There are so many patterns I want to make but they are just not my size. I need to learn how to adapt them but since I am a beginner I have not gotten that far. I think it is a good thing I took a photo of the shawl as now I can really see the pattern for myself. It actually does not look as bad as I was originally thinking it did.

Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day for me but I am hoping to visit the new yarn store in town. I went to Target and finally found a large plastic tub with a locking top for me to put my yarn into. I do not believe I have a 'stash' as I only buy yarn for specific projects. I am fearing though that I will actually see that I have more yarn than I thought.......actually fearing that hubby will see that I have more yarn than I thought!

For those of you that buy yarn - just to buy and with no particular pattern in mind. How do you know how much yarn to buy? How much do you usually buy? A couple of skeins or more? I am interested to see how others buy their yarn when they don't have a project in mind.

June 8, 2005

..and now for some yarn content

I sure have been remiss in posting my project progress. With my shoulder and all I have not been doing much on the crafting front. Tonight, while watching a not so good movie I decided to work some more on my Manly Scarf. It is coming right along. I seem to work very slowly on this scarf as I am using the metal needles and not really enjoying it (maybe that is why I only have this much progress for starting it 2 months ago). I keep freaking out that I am going to drop a stitch! I purposely did not use the flash for the photo so you could see the detail of the stitch - oh and the scarf is really straight but the picture makes it look crooked. I am making this scarf for dh but I am wondering if it is too narrow and if I will be the one ending up wearing it. Dh says he likes the width but I am just going to wait and see.

...as for my other projects. My knitted shawl is almost done. I have just about 5 rows or so but I am trying to decide if I want to add an additional round to make it wider. It is really hard to tell how big it currently is. I would take a picture but with the fuzzy yarn it just looks like a giant fuzz ball. I think for my next project I need to pick a yarn that will show off the pattern nicely. Does anyone know of any pretty shawl patterns? What I am finding so far has been limited.

Now I am ashamed to say that UFO #1 is still at the same stage it was one when I first posted about it. I just have not picked it up. I am hoping that I can work on it some this weekend.

Where is my vacation?

Potato update

My potato is having a heck of a time on his vacation. He is having so much fun! (well I like to think so - I mean I sure would if I got to go to all these places) Thanks so much for those of you that have helped send him on his way. So far he has been to:

TUCSON, AZ 85716

JASPER, GA 30143
TEMPE, AZ 85282
AVON, NY 14414
TAMPA, FL 33612
MENA, AR 71953
AUSTIN, TX 78758
TAMPA, FL 33613
KENT, OH 44240
TEMPE, AZ 85282
IRWIN, PA 15642
DERRY, NH 03038
TUCSON, AZ 85716
CAMDEN, IN 46917
DENTON, TX 76209

What a trip! 28 more states to go. He sure does seem to like Arizona though.

I am sure he is having a much better time than my 3.5 hours at the MVD yesterday! I could not believe it took that long. I went during my lunch hour but since my manager said for me to stay I did. The way the numbers are called is weird. They are not called in order. My ticket said Express but it sure was not Express in my book! When I finally got to the window the girl told me that she couldn't give me my new plates and that my dad needed to come in. All because the address was different on the registration and my drivers license. The name was fine - just the address. I told her that she had to be kidding, that I couldn't have just spent the last 3.5 hours waiting for her to tell me NO. I told her that when I called the MVD the day before I was told what to bring. She then changed my mailing address to my parents address (which should have been on my account anyways). Then she got me new plates. Whew! When she was putting the new stickers on the plates she put them on all sloppy and then told me to take a knife and cut across the date a few times. She said that this would keep my plates from getting stolen again. I don't know why this would deter someone from stealing the plates.

So I am happy. I have my third set of plates for my car. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to keep these plates longer than 3 months at a time.

June 6, 2005

Something's missing

Hubby calls from work to tell me that the license plate is missing from the car. A co-worker noticed the blank spot when hubby drove into the lot after his lunch. He thinks it was stolen but was going to drive around checking - just in case it fell off. I doubted it fell off as it had 2 bolts and they were both missing as well. Hubby calls the police and they told him they were not going to take a report but would call him back in 3-5 days. (now isn't it the job of the police to take a report of stolen property)?

Fast forward to that evening. We get a call from the police department (CSI Baby!). Our tags were found. Found on the back of a stolen car that is!!!! The detective then proceeds to tell us that we were not getting the plates back. They are now evidence of the crime scene and oh by the way did we want to press charges. (ummmm YeS!)

Now I have to go to MVD to get duplicate plates. I have to pay for these plates. I guess I cannot complain as having my plates stolen is much better than the entire car being taken. I also have to wash that small spot where the license sits as boy is it filthy!

The MVD by my work is closed on Mondays. I called the main number to see what I needed to bring with me to get new plates. I was told my registration and $5.00. I sure hope it is as easy as that as this is the same car that put me thru MVD hell just a couple of months ago. I have a feeling that the plates will end up being a huge problem with this car considering we are now on the 3rd set of plates and we have only owned the car for about a year and a half.

June 4, 2005

I joined the masses

I decided to go with the Google Ads ( I am such a follower). I am interested in seeing if they change with my content. I was a bit hesitant as alot of sites I visited that had these ads - only showed ads for 'surfing' (which mine will probably show now since I typed that word - LOL!) So far they have been pretty content related and show scrapbooking, knitting and crochet content. Of course I just signed up yesterday so I will have to wait and see.

June 3, 2005

LO: Girlfriends

Layout is 2 pages - 8.5 x 11

Supplies used:

* cardstock - Bazill
* frame - My Minds Eye
* tags, metal letters and paint (I painted the tags and letters using 'Celery')- Making Memories
lettering stickers
* computer font
* red brads
* red rick-rack is holiday ribbon I bought at Target

June 2, 2005

My potato is baked!

Please send my potato on a vacation. It is getting too hot over here!
(click here)

June 1, 2005

Busier than Grand Central

Hubby does not like to talk on the phone. He never has. Sometimes when I call home he is irritated when he answers. He always tells me the phone is ringing off the hook. I have always kind of thought that this was just him complaining as he is upset that he had to stop what he was doing to answer the phone and the caller just happened to be me. Ya know.....making it up.

Well I no longer think he is making this up. I so totally understand what he means. Yesterday I stayed home while Hubby went to work. I just happened to have the phone upstairs with me since I called into work. It was a good thing I did or else I would have been more upset having to go up and down the stairs. We used to have an answering machine but it broke. We do not have caller ID (except on my cell phone).

I think it all started around 7:30am. I was reading and the phone rings.

"Please hold for a very important message...."
"ummmm no."

I hung up the phone and wanted to keep it off the hook but that dumb computer kept my phone line open so I could not even call out. The phone then rang again. I did not answer it.

The phone finally stopped ringing after 12 times (am I the only one that counts the rings). I settled myself back to reading. I was drifting off a bit when the darn phone rang yet again. I again did not answer it (I did manage to jerk my shoulder as I sat up, startled). I ran to the computer to turn on the computer answering machine but the caller hung up before the machine picked up the call.

That darn phone just would not stop ringing. I took downstairs so it did not bother me too much but I sure wish it had the option to turn off the ringer. I did not want to unplug it from the wall like hubby does - cause who knows....what if I had to answer it.

Here is what I had to deal with all afternoon:

2:21 - Hubby's friend from out of town saying he was in town (he is moving back)
2:22 - Hubby's friend calling back to give cell phone # and again to say he was in town
2:30 - Hubby calling to see if I was home (Oops. I missed this call and did not see it until after 3pm)
3:00 - "please hold for a very important message"
4:00 - Hi. Hubby's friend again. Just want to make sure you know I am in town.
5:00 - Hang up (what my answering machine message is not good enough for you?)
6:44 - Hubby's friend again. Just wanted to let you know I was here. Call me .......this one I answered. I then reminded him that hubby works and would call him as soon as he got home.

At around 7pm hubby got home and I let him deal with answering the phone (as it is never for me anyways).

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