June 21, 2005

Car-pooling Shmooling! Part IV

Well this morning who should be waiting for me out by my car but carpool guy. The first comment he made was 'I sure hope your car has A/C' Well that was a big No. The A/C has gone out in the newer car and was disconnected (on purpose) in the devil car. He sort of freaked about the fact that the windows would be down and his hair would get messed up. He kept saying he was not vain but he talked about his hair (and even checked it in the mirror) multiple times during the drive.

The impression I get of him is that he likes to see what he can get from people. He found out hubby worked at a store that sold plumbing supplies. So he asked if hubby can fix his disposal. Hubby is not a plumber. He asked if I had a certain kind of software on my system and was disappointed that I did not have anything that he did not already have (namely something that was not free to download).

Today I find out if I got my new position. I am thinking that I did not as I bombed the interview. When carpool guy got out of the car his last words were 'Not to be mean but I hope you don't get the job as I don't want your schedule to change.' Nice eh?


  1. What a twit!

  2. I would have answered with "What, but your hair would look so much better."

  3. What a low-down, dirty scumbag! Do you HAVE to carpool with him?

    By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog. I like yours too!

  4. I'd be kicking that guy to the curb REAL FAST!! What's "not to be" is his carpool using ass, that's what - he can thumb a bus down I would say!! Gotta laugh at people like that really,...they're quite pathetic.

  5. All I can say is that I am so looking forward to driving myself to work over the next 4 weeks. I have vacation this week and he will be in training for the next 4 weeks.

    He is very embarassing and says things to people while we drive (and they are not funny things) and if he tries to poke me one more time I think I will lose it!

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