June 6, 2005

Something's missing

Hubby calls from work to tell me that the license plate is missing from the car. A co-worker noticed the blank spot when hubby drove into the lot after his lunch. He thinks it was stolen but was going to drive around checking - just in case it fell off. I doubted it fell off as it had 2 bolts and they were both missing as well. Hubby calls the police and they told him they were not going to take a report but would call him back in 3-5 days. (now isn't it the job of the police to take a report of stolen property)?

Fast forward to that evening. We get a call from the police department (CSI Baby!). Our tags were found. Found on the back of a stolen car that is!!!! The detective then proceeds to tell us that we were not getting the plates back. They are now evidence of the crime scene and oh by the way did we want to press charges. (ummmm YeS!)

Now I have to go to MVD to get duplicate plates. I have to pay for these plates. I guess I cannot complain as having my plates stolen is much better than the entire car being taken. I also have to wash that small spot where the license sits as boy is it filthy!

The MVD by my work is closed on Mondays. I called the main number to see what I needed to bring with me to get new plates. I was told my registration and $5.00. I sure hope it is as easy as that as this is the same car that put me thru MVD hell just a couple of months ago. I have a feeling that the plates will end up being a huge problem with this car considering we are now on the 3rd set of plates and we have only owned the car for about a year and a half.


  1. That's a bummer, but I hope that the third time is a charm, and you won't need to do this again.

  2. Thanks Vera. So far so good. It looks like we may get the first week down with no problems. LOL! Now I just have to go and find some bolts that will fit so I can take the plate out of the back window.


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