February 25, 2008

It has been a long day.

The majority of today was spent in one room listening to a multitude of speakers and only the last hour was about benefits. Benefits that I will not even be eligible until June so it really was not necessary. I really have to say I did not learn too much from today. I now know the history of how the hospital came to be and a few other interesting history items but that is about it. I was able to have a quick visit with my cousin (who works in the pharmacy) and a friend from school (that is in the same department as I am). Those were definitely the highlights of the day.

I did find that I am scheduled for computer training tomorrow at 9am. If it were not for this class, I would have NO idea what to do after my orientation. No one has spoken to me about my hours or where I will even be working. If nothing is said tomorrow while I am at the computer class then I need to go and hunt down that information.

I did find out one piece of important info during orientation. Wearing jeans is definitely a no-no. Last week was just an exception due to it being Rodeo Week. So, since I had not yet found any pants to wear, I decided to go shopping after work. I had planned to go to a particular store which caters to my shortness (and size) but the discount store was next door so I stopped there first. I did manage to find a 3 pairs of pants (2 of which will need to be altered). I also found 2 bras and a pair of Converse. I paid less than $70 for everything and then headed out to my regular store. I really wanted a pair of black pants and I wanted a pair that I could wear immediately. I managed to find a pair and even though they are tighter than I am used to, I bought them. Can you believe that I bought one pair of pants (and 5 pairs of undies) and spent over $70? Ouch!

The shopping wore me out more than the orientation did. I don’t think I will have any problems falling asleep tonight.

February 24, 2008


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...is the day.

I start my new job tomorrow morning. I really do hope that I am able to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow is just orientation so no 'real' work as of yet so I guess I really don't have anything to be nervous about. There should be lots of people there as there is only one orientation every 2 weeks for all the hospitals and locations in town. Maybe that is what is making me nervous.

I had hoped that a fellow student would be attending the orientation. I found out today that she will not be there. She was hired before I was but it appears that she may be getting the run around as she is disabled. They told her it would take 2 weeks to process what only took me one day. Something does not sound right. Hopefully it will all work out okay.

The weather was awesome today! 84 degrees! Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice. I guess winter is over.

Now if I could only get rid of this cough...things would be perfect!

February 19, 2008

My brain hurts!

Today was quite exhausting. Who knew sitting in one position all day could be so painful?

I took the huge (15 pages/46 questions) coding final today. It took me about 5 hours (norm is 1-3 days). I did extremely well and I am SO happy it is over and done with. Tomorrow I have my last anatomy test and then I can fool around the rest of the day…um I mean finish up some extra paper work. ;)

I had a lovely surprise today. One of my fellow classmates (a very sweet older lady) gave me a Starbucks gift card. She had wanted to take me out to lunch to thank me for helping her with her coursework but since this is my last week, she got me the gift card. What a sweet and unexpected gesture. I will miss seeing her each day.

February 18, 2008

Four Targets later...

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…and I am pretty beat!

Last night B and I went to Target. While we were there, I decided to look at shoes to see if I can find some that were comfy and nice enough to wear to work. I found a pair but not in my size. No problem. I pass 3 other Targets on the way home from class so I decided to check them out after school.

I stopped at the Target by the college and they did NOT have my size. Then I stopped by the lovely newer Target by my old apartment. They had my size but only after I wandered down the wrong aisle. I also found another style that is pretty comfy but of course, they were out of my size. So, off to the final Target that is closer to my house. They did have my size in that other style. They also had my size in the first style of shoe I wanted. I should have just went there to begin with. Now that I have some comfy shoes…I really need to find some pants to wear. LOL!

School was good today. I had not planned to tell anyone (yet) about me starting work this next Monday but my instructor had me make an announcement. I think some people are not very happy about me finding a job. Some seem to think that this position (in a major hospital with people I have never met or heard of) was made especially for me. Yeah. I don’t think so. As of today, I only have my coding final and one last anatomy test to take and then I am finished. I am so relieved.

February 16, 2008

Hey everyone!

It’s time to kick off your shoes, put on your stripey socks and boogie down!

Guess who got a job?

Go on.


Did you guess yet? Do you need a little hint?

Well let me tell you a little story.

Yesterday, while in the midst of taking a 26 page test (yes, you read that right – 26 and it is not even the final!!!) I received a call on my cell phone. Since I was taking a test, I could not answer it and the phone number did not look familiar so I did not worry. I was not expecting anything important since the person that interviewed me said it would be a week before I heard anything and her number is an out-of-state number. After the test, I listened to the message and it was the HR department offering me the position!!! As of yesterday, I am an employed gal! I start on the 25th! That was supposed to be the first day of my externship but instead I will be working. I went yesterday afternoon to fill out all the pre-employment paperwork.

Next week is going to be so busy! I have 2 days to finish my class work and one day to take the final (I hope it only takes one day since the school is closed Thurs and Fri). I have to make an appointment for next week for a drug test and physical (which I don’t have any record for my immunizations so I am a bit stressed) and then I have to go back and get my security badge for work. I am working at the hospital near my house but the HR department is all the way across town. Lots of driving will be done. All of this needs to be completed before my orientation on the 25th.

How weird is it that on February 27th of last year, I was pulled into a meeting and told I was no longer employed. A lot sure has happened in that year. I was very lucky that I really did not have to work and was able to take advantage of going to school. If it had not been for the layoff I would still be there, having my life sucked away (not that I would have noticed). I am really looking forward to what this New Year holds.

February 14, 2008


*i hate...* {226/365}
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Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. I cannot believe all the comments I got! You guys are way too sweet! :)

Today will be pretty nerve wracking. Did I spell that right? I woke up with a headache (of course) and in a couple of hours I have a phone interview for a job. Keep your fingers crossed please! I am getting pretty nervous about it since I am not feeling all that well.

As for the picture.... yesterday's theme was to show what you hate. If you want to know what I hate, click on the picture to find out.

February 11, 2008

getting closer

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I am getting so close to finishing school that I am starting to get nervous. I have NO idea what my future holds.

Last week I received an email in response to my job application. It was a request for my resume and the times I would be available to interview. I was so not expecting that email. That email made me super excited and freaked out. Today, I sent off my response and included my resume. Now all I can do is wait. I am afraid to leave my cell phone for even a minute. I really do hate interviews and although I am looking forward to it, I am dreading it all the same.

Today was a very productive school day. Took 3 tests and completed 4 sections. That leaves only 11 sections to go and then the major 3-day long coding final. I sure do hope it does not take me that long to complete!

I am feeling a lot better. I still have a terrible cough and I know it will take quite awhile for it to go away. I just hope it does not take too long as it really does tire me out.

February 8, 2008

Yesterday I

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...went to class
...completed the final medical terminology chapter (bye bye book!)
...got 100% on my anatomy test
...discussed with my instructor when to start my externship (4am is not too early is it? LOL)
...applied for a job
...had the engine light come on in the car (what the heck and I supposed to do now?)
...got LOST
...coughed a bit more
...did WAY too much!

February 6, 2008

I'm getting there...

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I think I may be getting a little better in the health department.

Today I actually got dressed and spent the day doing laundry. So tomorrow I am off to school. I really do want to finish everything up by next week.

I think I have mentioned that after the school portion, I then have a 4-week externship to get some on the job training. So, if you remember, I had mentioned that there may actually be a job opportunity for me (instead of an externship). Well today, we got word that the job opening has finally been posted and so I went online to apply. I really would LOVE to get this position but it looks like it will only be 48-hours per pay period. I cannot live on just 48-hours. :( I need to speak to my instructor about it only being a part-time position. I really don’t want to have to work 2 part-time jobs. Especially since they are so hard to find.

I have recently been dealing with friend issues and it is totally ticking me off and that sucks! It puts me in such a pissy mood and I HATE that!

You know the kind of “friend” that is basically your friend only until they meet someone more popular than you. Then they don’t seem to find the time to even say “hello” anymore. It’s something that I am trying hard not to let bother me, especially since I know this person never really liked me to begin with. But it still hurts. How sad is that?

February 4, 2008


*tip-toes* {207/365}
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I HATE being sick!

I can actually handle the aches and pains and even the coughing but when the head is stuffy…watch out!

The husband seems to be a getting better though. He went to the ER last Friday and I am trying to stick it out. I was not feeling as bad as him and was actually feeling much better yesterday, that is until I tried to go to bed last night. I ended up on the couch the entire night and did not sleep at all. I am SO congested! I thought that Sudafed would help but so far, nothing.

I managed to get dressed this morning and headed out to school in the blustery cold and was SO happy to be out of the house and to feel the cold air because I was just too hot! I was only able to handle class for an hour and then decided I would be better off at home. The husband also went to work today but as soon as he walked in the door they sent him right back home. Poor guy had to walk all the way to work in the cold rain.

Who knows when I will go back to class. Either way, I did bring home all my packets so hopefully I will get lots of work done.

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