August 29, 2011

This one's my favorite

This commercial makes me laugh every single time I watch it. :-)

August 25, 2011

[Things I ♥ Thursday] Cupcakes

I really love cupcakes. Not for how they taste, but for how they look. I bet the cupcakes in these pictures taste as good as they look. At least I hope they would. I must admit, I have never eaten a yummy looking cupcake such as these. Maybe that is a good thing. If I ever discovered a cupcake that I liked.....I would be in trouble.

1. Cherry Limeade Cupcake, 2. Toffee Crunch Cupcake, 3. Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcake with Creamy Vanilla Almond Frosting, 4. Tres Leche Cupcake

All photos in this mosaic © their respective owners.

August 16, 2011

Today is the day

3-day weekends are awesome. It's the first day back to work that is hard.

I took a day off from work yesterday to start on my new online course that I purchased last week. After I made my purchase I received a message that it would take 3 days to activate the course. By time I got the email yesterday afternoon, I was not in the mood to start.

I had a wonderful weekend full of doodling, card making, and scrapbooking. There was no way I was going to ruin it by actually doing classwork. So, today is the day.

And because every blog post needs a photo you get this one of my Cairo kitty (taken almost exactly a year ago). She had just started on a new med & was not looking too happy.

September 4, 2010: Kitty's got a new drug

August 11, 2011


Well I did it. I scrapped a page. Can you believe it? The last time I attempted to scrap was a few months after we bought our house in 2009 and I still haven't finished that page.

Last month, I came across the sketch of the week over at Sketchy Thursdays and decided it was about time to scrap again. I started the layout that week but didn't actually finish it until this week, almost a month later. Yes, you read that correctly. It took me a month to do a page. A month!

It is such a simple layout too. It would have taken everyone else 10 minutes to complete. But not me. For took about a month.

Patterned paper: 
Basic Grey Kioshi "Yuriko"
Basic Grey Wisteria "Pond"
Doodlebug Simply Sweet mini rub-ons,
Thickers Lullaby Charcoal
Basic Grey Fruitcake mini monograms
Fun stuff:
Maya Road sheer mini birds
Effervescence Border Punch
Signo white Uni-ball pen
Bazzill cardstock

August 1, 2011

I have been Retweeted!

I am not really that big into Twitter,  my postings are few. But the chance to win a gift card for simply posting a tweet was easy enough. So, I did it. I posted a tweet. A tweet that other people actually liked. 

Whoa! What?  8 people that I don't even know like my tweet? Woo Hoo! Seriously, I feel so popular.

I didn't win anything, but that is perfectly okay because I think being retweeted is just as good as winning, at least for me.

I'm such a dork.

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