January 31, 2013


Eating... Crunchy Cookie Butter. OMG!

Mailing... my application for my CTR certification exam. I actually got my application mailed BEFORE the deadline. Go me! Now begins the wait for my application to be approved.

Freaking... out about said CTR certification exam.

Looking... forward to finally getting started on my Project Life album. It took awhile for my first week's photos to be delivered, but they are finally here and the weekend cannot get here soon enough. Scrapbooking. Yay!

Knitting... nothing. All my projects are just sitting here staring at me.

Crocheting... see "Knitting".

Squeeling... at all the Ravelry faves and helps that my Easton baby blanket has gotten. People really do like my blanket and that makes me happy.

January 23, 2013

I lied

Remember when I said that I was done with studying and that I didn't have to do it anymore? 

Well I lied.

I may be done with taking classes but I still have some studying left to do. I have a national certification exam that I must take in March. 

But before I can even think about the studying, I need to be approved to take the exam. I have spent this month working on getting all my ducks in a row so that I can mail off my application by this Monday. That's only 5-days from now! I just have one more signature that I am waiting on. I am totally freaking out about the whole thing.  I can't wait until it is all over.

getting ready

January 10, 2013

2012: A year in scrapbooking

Well I guess I didn't "hope" hard enough because I did absolutely no scrapbooking in 2012.

But I did manage to share a two-page layout (that I actually made back in 2009). Which totally counts since it had been packed away in a box, forgotten and unseen for all these years. 

Even though I didn't scrapbook any layouts last year, I did participate in the Index Card a Day challenge. Technically it's not scrapbooking, but I did use my scrapbook supplies to make them so that is sort of the same thing, right?


This year should be totally different. Seriously. I really mean it this time. This year I will be doing Project Life and have even signed up for my first ever kit club {Citrus Twist Kits}. I don't really need any new scrapbook supplies but I think it will be fun to get a package of new goodies in the mail every month. In fact, I got confirmation that my package should arrive on Friday. Wait....That's tomorrow! Whoo hoo!

January 9, 2013

2012: A year in yarn

2012 was all about the blankets.....oh and the scarves. I guess sticking with what I know how to make helps with actually getting the projects done. I finished 2 of each so a total of 4 yarny projects for the year. That is one more than I completed in 2011 and one less than I completed in 2010. Sounds like success to this procrastinator.

My first project for the year was a knitted scarf that I made for the husband. It is also the first knitting project where I came up with the pattern on my own.

smooth scarf

My next yarny project was also a scarf. This one though took me way too long to finish. Only 2 years! What is even sadder is that it only needed 32 rows to finish it.

scrunchable scarf

The blueberry {ripple} blanket was my only completed crochet project for the year. I really do like making these ripple blankets. The pattern is so easy to memorize and that makes it a perfect project for mindless crochet in front of the television. I will most definitely be making more of these.

Blueberry {ripple} and cat

My final project for 2012 was a simple knitted baby blanket. I loved working with cotton and the garter stitch made the blanket really squishy. I see myself making more of these, maybe even one in a larger size.


January 8, 2013

2012: A year in photos

It's that time again. Time for my yearly year in photos post. I know I say this every year but looking through my photos from last year, I have to say I took practically no pictures what-so-ever. Which actually when I think about it kind of makes it easier to pick which ones are my favorites.

So here you go....some of my favorite photos from 2012. Thanks for looking.

Sunny Saroyan
I started knitting a special present for my Mom.

I bought a plant and it survived!

blue rose
I bought another plant and it did not.

backyard visitor
A special visitor showed up in our backyard.

It snowed in our freezer.

August sunset
Arizona sunsets are awesome!

poofy clouds
I saw a heart in amongst the clouds.

It's so squishy!
My cousin had a baby.

I won my first blog giveaway.

Merry Merry Christmas!
The husband sure knows how to decorate an awesome tree.

New Year's Eve...perfect time for a cat nap.
The end of the year...perfect time for a cat nap.

Good-bye 2012. Here's to taking a lot more photos in 2013!

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